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Outdoor Stickers Next Day
  • PVC film with UV varnish
  • White, silver or transparent material
  • Wide range of sizes from A4 to Small or Custom Sizes
Indoor Stickers Next Day
  • White adhesive paper
  • From A4 to Small or Custom Sizes
Custom-sized stickers
Gel (Doming) Stickers
  • Round, oval, rectangular, square formats
  • White, silver or transparent adhesive vinyl
  • Isocyanate-free and environmentally friendly
Neon Stickers
Stickers with double sided print
Removable stickers
Extreme temperature resistant stickers
Highly adhesive stickers
Vegan stickers
Printed adhesive tape


Roll of labels
Roll of labels Overnight
Roll of vegan labels
Roll of vegan labels Overnight
Labels on a roll with spot white colour
Labels on a roll with spot white colour

Print stickers for any advertising situation

Printing flyers is the way to always improve brand recognition and image. However, it is not the only action that you can take: stickers are a great multipurpose alternative.

Whether for indoors or outdoor, highly adhesive or easily removable – you can get stickers in many different designs and versions from your online printing shop. There is a variety of sizes to choose from, ranging from the miniature format to standard DIN formats and special shapes (round, oval or punched shape) as well as different paperweights and colours.

When it has to be done quickly: indoor stickers can be printed in angular form and up to 1,000 units delivered Next Day: order today, stick on tomorrow. Where? Anywhere: individually printed stickers offer a great deal of application possibilities for shining the spotlight on your company or your product.

Advertising stickers as a giveaway

Our stickers adhere extremely firmly – making them ideal for long-term advertising messages, for example as part of image campaigns. Print the stickers with your most important selling points, witty sayings or humorous graphics and distribute them to your customers. The more creative, the higher the likelihood that the recipients will use your promotional stickers and thus spread your message quickly – particularly clever in an election campaign or for advertising your association.

Do you want to print silver, neon, white or transparent stickers?

Both indoor and outdoor stickers are suitable as giveaways. The indoor variant is available in white, silver or neon-coloured material. The advantage of neon red or neon yellow: your advertising is guaranteed not to be overlooked. Silver-coloured stickers, on the other hand, look classy and are suitable for the catering industry, for example, as a promotional gift at the point of sale or included in a package to be shipped.

Our stickers for outdoor use are made from soft PVC film and coated with a UV coating. This protects the printed colours from fading and makes the stickers weatherproof and weather-resistant.

Is one advertising space not enough for you? Not a problem. Simply get double-sided print stickers printed online – for example as a sticker postcard in A6 format. An attention-grabbling slogan can fit onto the sticker. The reverse side has space for the address field and information about your offers.

Our gel stickers offer advertising with a 3D effect, also referred to as doming stickers. These can be distributed at trade fairs, during promotional activities and at events as giveaways with a noticeable difference. The gel pad protects the stickers from damage and makes them robust and thus suitable for outdoor use.

Limited edition stickers to add to your collection

Turn your customers into regulars with individually designed collector stickers. Why not hand out a limited edition sticker with every purchase, for example. The customer could then receive a voucher for a complete series in their collector album.

Product identification with labels

Would you like to label a high number of products in a short time? With contents, price, best before date, etc.? They can be removed very easily and applied super fast. We recommend printing our bottle labels on roll for a bottle of quality wine as a personal company gift. In this way each bottle, whether you have filled it yourself or bought it already filled, can be turned into a special edition for your customers. And the best part: the bottle labels are suitable for labelling machines.

Our cold and heat resistant stickers are suitable for labelling products at extremely low temperatures. They can be easily stuck onto surfaces at temperatures between minus 20°C and 40°C. You can rely on our highly adhesive stickers for labelling machines and can print these with the required instructions and information. The label is the perfect choice for work in unfavourable processing conditions and with awkward surfaces.

If you are looking for a non-permanent adhesive solution, choose from either our removable stickers or our practical tags. Your logo can be added to bottles, gifts or door handles in one swift movement. A ‘Welcome’ on the water bottle in a hotel room or a ‘Thank you’ on the wine bottle for your business partner leaves a lasting impression!

Stickers for display window advertising

Our transparent stickers and our behind-the-glass stickers are ideal for advertising on glass surfaces, for example on the display window of your business or restaurant or on the glass facade of your company headquarters. Transparent film stickers can be stuck onto glass surfaces from the outside. With the inverse printed on behind-the-glass stickers you can advertise in a relaxed manner from the inside.

Tips on selecting and designing stickers

  • You can also print round and oval stickers for your advertising campaigns as and when you wish
  • Square shapes to add to the collection and for labels
  • Take care not to overload the design with graphical details
  • Rely on concise and powerful messages
  • Make sure not to place elements too close to the edge, especially when it comes to gel stickers