File format and bleed

File format and bleed

Please create your print file using the exact specifications from the data sheet. This contains parameters specific to the product concerned, such as safety margins and bleed.


Business card print file

This example relates to a business card with a finished size of 8.5 x 5.5cm. A bleed of 1mm per side is added to the file. This means that the file dimensions are 8.7 x 5.7cm. Please also note the product-specific safety margins for texts and objects from the edge of the file. In this example, these are 4mm from the edge of the file format.

Printers’ marks

Please do not create any printers’ marks such as folding, trim, punching or cutting marks in your file – they will be printed along with the artwork.

Alignment and sequence

Is everything in the correct location? Always check the alignment (portrait or landscape format) of your design and that any multi-page products have the pages in the correct order. Additional product-specific information can be found in the relevant data sheet.

Print file FAQ

Compact checklist – perfect print files

Ensure that the print output meets your expectations: this checklist contains all the points that you should consider when creating your design. Learn everything you need to know about print files, from setting up the file to exporting it for printing.

Display detailed checklist
  • File format: corresponds with data sheet specifications, with bleeds observed.
  • Colour space: CMYK selected
  • File type: PDF, TIF or JPG
  • Resolution: 300 dpi to 356 dpi
  • Fonts: embedded