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We improve - you profit: a permanent price reduction on envelopes.More reduced products.
*Price reduction on all configurations in DL size, on 80gsm offset, white (includes PEFC™). Excluding 2/0 and 5/0 single sided print.

Advertise with envelopes!

Emails are so easily deleted unread, yet hard-copy letters – in envelopes for letters – get attention. In today’s digital age, envelopes have more value than ever. They are opened, their contents are read: envelopes make the sale! Even more eyeball-grabbing are envelopes that are printed, envelopes with a design, envelopes in different colours and sizes and envelopes with logo.

At our online shop, you can choose between printed and non-printed envelopes, with or without windows, peel-and-seal or wet-and-seal. You can also buy our printed mailer envelopes – padded envelopes or unpadded – that ship small packages and documents that must not be bent. All versions are available in a variety of envelope sizes, paper types and colours – also with matching letterheaded paper. Choose from easy-to-use templates.

Envelope tips:

  • Save time: Never again use address stickers or write addresses by hand. Envelopes with window save loads of time – especially on mailshots. Simply fold the letterheaded paper, printed with a complete address, and stuff the envelope.
  • Peel and seal saves even more time. Peel off the adhesive protector to seal the flap of each envelope quickly, cleanly and securely.
  • Size matters. We have envelopes A4 size, C5, C6 and more – just the right size for your letter, card or mailer. And suited to any budget.
  • Would you like classic envelopes in high quality paper? Then choose premium 120 gsm paper. You will get outstanding text and image quality. Why not go for the best?
  • Be environmentally friendly: our envelopes made from recycled paper are anything but grey – rather, they are highly white and translucent. See for yourself why they have been awarded a ‘Blue Angel’ eco-label.
  • Dress to impress: try our envelopes of premium linen paper, particularly well-suited for a posh invitation envelopes or letter to discerning people.
  • Need unprinted coloured envelopes? Our elegant, plain envelopes come in translucent white as well as fresh May green, sun yellow, cobalt blue and cherry red.
  • Printed mailer envelopes ship anything flat that should not be bent. Perfectly suited for brochures and catalogues. What’s more, a C4 envelope fits into a B4 printed mailer, and a C5 envelope fits into the B5 printed mailer.
  • Pack little gifts into customer mail-outs with our original pillow box. This can be custom printed, just like our envelopes. Need the packaging to be a bit bigger? At our shop you’ll always find just the right size – click here on packaging.
  • For a uniform, professional look, make sure the letterheaded letter and the envelope are made of the same paper. For the best results, we recommend you order them together. Just click here for letterheads.

FLYERALARM is there – for you!

Do you need more information, do you have questions, do you need any support in choosing wide format prints and POS displays? Our team is all too happy to help.

  • By telephone: our team is ready to advise and to serve you Mondays-to-Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm. We are ready and willing to take your call.
  • Call-back service: just give us a number and a time (Mondays-to-Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm) to phone you. We’ll get on it, and you’ll lose no time.