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The resolution is specified in dpi (dots per inch). In general: the higher the dpi, the sharper the print output. However, for large size print products in particular you can reduce the dpi since these products will not be viewed up close.

Print file resolution

  • Required resolution: 300 dpi to 356 dpi
  • Resolution of large size products (A2 and larger): 100 dpi to 150 dpi

For some products, you must create your print file with a significantly higher dpi. For example, stamps require 600 dpi. Information on specific resolution can be found in the data sheet for the respective product.

Print file FAQ

Compact checklist – perfect print files

Ensure that the print output meets your expectations: This checklist contains all the points that you should consider when creating your design. Learn everything you need to know about print files, from setting up the file to exporting it for printing.

Display detailed checklist
  • File format: corresponds with data sheet specifications, with bleeds observed.
  • Colour space: CMYK selected
  • File type: PDF, TIF or JPG
  • Resolution: 300 dpi to 356 dpi
  • Fonts: embedded