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Folded leaflets

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Accessories for folded leaflets

Efficient folded leaflets printing

Are you planning on making an impact? Put insightful information in a compact space with our folded leaflets. They are ideal for those who want the flexibility of a book in the simplicity of a single, folded piece of paper. FLYERALARM offers you the versatility you need to satisfy your individual requirements. Choose from different types of folded leaflets, ranging from cross folded leaflets to concertina folded leaflets and even z fold leaflet printing. Take advantage of our options in terms of paper type and finishing. We also offer a range of sizes including popular A4 and a5 folded leaflets. Our online ordering system allows you to quickly and easily select exactly where and how many times your folded leaflets should fold, and in just a few short clicks you'll be ready to print your folded leaflets online. Our helpful videos illustrate precisely how the leaflets unfold, facilitating the process of deciding how to organise and design your leaflet. Once you have your leaflets in hand you can distribute them at seminars, trade shows, conferences and in your reception area.

Print folded leaflets in combination with our other products

Often a marketing campaign needs more than just folded leaflets. If you are planning on handing out your leaflets at a catered event, also consider printing customised napkins napkins to keep your company top of mind while they eat. Our printed posters come in many sizes so you can make an impact at trade shows, giving you the edge you need to attract potential clients. Why not give them a leaflet with more detailed information or note pads to jot down information? Once you have picked out all the products your marketing campaign requires, simply follow the steps to select the various options related to your folded leaflets and upload your materials to print leaflets online. We print your leaflets and send them to you quickly. We also offer several convenient payment methods, guaranteeing a smooth check-out from the comfort of your home or office.