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Folded leaflets

Accessories for flyers

Flyers – spread the word

Flyers are an ideal way to share key information quickly and in a visually appealing manner. Whether you’re looking to looking to design flyers for educational purposes or to promote your business, FLYERALARM is your partner in printing. With FLYERALARM, it’s easy to design leaflets and flyers. Choose from our many sizes. Not just classic A5 flyer printing - but also A4, A6 flyers, even DL format design templates which are perfect for fitting into envelopes. Create the perfect flyer or leaflet for your next campaign. The process is user-friendly, and can be done entirely online. Print flyers and leaflets easily with FLYERALARM.

Business – present products and services to consumers

Flyers present a quick overview of everything you want your customer to know about your business. From menu items and services to educational and promotional materials, flyers and leaflets are a great way to get your message across. Whatever that message may be, we recommend that you print flyers and leaflets with FLYERALARM. With our online design tool, they are incredibly easy to create. To design flyers and leaflets with FLYERALARM, choose a template, add the images and information that will make your business stand out, then print. Flyer printing with FLYERALARM is that simple!

Let us print your flyers and leaflets...

  • ...if you have multiple products that you want to present to your customers in a concise format.
  • ...if you are looking to create promotional or marketing materials.
  • ...if you want to equip your sales team with an at-a-glance fact sheet to promote on-the-road selling.
  • ...if you want to present your services in a highly sophisticated, professional manner.
  • ...if you are planning a conference, training meeting or special event, and are looking to print schedules or other informational handouts for guests.
  • ...if you run a hospital or clinic, and are looking to print handouts for health education purposes.
  • ...if you are looking to print learning materials.
  • ...if you want to print a menu for your restaurant or catering business.

Personal – share those unforgettable moments

FLYERALARM is also the perfect online printing house for personal applications. Design flyers for festive messages or to announce the birth of a child. Invite friends and family to a birthday party or a special event with a personally designed flyer. To create a single-sided or double-sided flyer, choose a template and a type of paper, add any images and information relevant to the event, then print. Flyer printing with FLYERALARM couldn’t be easier!

Let us print your flyers and leaflets...

  • ...if you want to announce a birthday party.
  • ...if you are looking to send an annual family update to friends and relatives.

Universities & schools – share knowledge with people

Whether you run a campus clinic and need to print flyers for health education purposes, are a teacher looking to print sophisticated learning materials or are a student looking to print leaflets to hand to your presentation audience, we recommend having your flyers printed with FLYERALARM. With a large variety of flyer design templates, FLYERALARM has your leaflet printing needs covered.

Let us print your flyers and leaflets...

  • ...if you want to prepare educational materials for pupils, students or patients.
  • ...if you are looking to print multiple copies of a presentation topic in order to facilitate a scholarly discussion among the audience.
  • ...if you are looking to print campus guides, like maps.

FLYERALARM is your printing partner

If you’re looking for a reliable online printing shop to handle your printing project professionally and quickly, FLYERALARM is the place for you. We offer all types of print products – more than three million in total. We will also be happy to give you individual advice on your project. Simply give us a call, chat with one of our customer representatives or send us an email. We look forward to becoming your printing service provider.