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Calendars - design online

Calendar printing: customer visibility the whole year around

Printing calendars with your corporate design make you visible to your customers day in and day out. Use this advantage to convey your products, your company or messages, whether on the wall, the desk or sales counter. Have your calendars printed online and benefit from a wide selection, good prices and fast delivery.

Our calendar printing tips:

  • The whole year at a glance: a single-sided annual planner gives you all twelve months on one page. You can jot down all important information here to ensure you’ll never forget anything again. To provide enough space for it all, the calendars are available in sizes A3 to 100 x 70cm, i.e. from big to really big. You can also print half of the year on the front and the other half on the back, giving you more space for appointments, holidays, birthdays and anything else you have to remember. The double sided print annual planners have a minimum order of just 100 units, and if you are in a hurry, our overnight delivery service can even deliver them on the very next day.

  • Tear off or turn over? Our wall calendars give you the choice: the glue-bound version is pre-perforated, making the sheets easy to tear off. If you prefer turning them over, we also offer calendar printing with spiral or staple binding. You can easily hang them on the wall thanks to centrally placed eyelets and pre-punched holes.

  • For office tables or counters: every desk should have room for a practical calendar - including your customer’s desk. Since we offer you various versions, you’ll be sure to find the one that’s right for you. For example, a simple desk or table calendar with wire-o-binding and 29 sheets, i.e. room for a full week on every page. The versions featuring extended backing cardboard offer even more room for your advertising. The desk calendars with supports which can be folded out and back supports are especially practical. Since they stand up, you are always in your customers’ sights, and they are happy to use it to adorn their desk or even their counter.

  • Planning ahead: 3 and 4-month calendars are a must-have in every office. After all, thanks to the practical date slider, they not only show the current day, but also allow a glimpse into the near future. Print the head section with your design and thus create one the most popular customer gifts - of course, especially for the year’s end or beginning. If you opt for one of the multi-pad versions, you can also print additional messages between the individual sections of your calendars. Another advantage of the monthly calendar: The calendars are pre-printed, including the holidays for each month.

  • Use free layout templates: for many calendars, your online print company provides you with free calendar templates that you can easily download. For various sizes of annual planner, as well as for wall calendars or desk pads. Decide to use a ready-made PDF or download an IDML file that you can customise to your liking in Adobe InDesign.

  • Long-term calendar printing solutions can also be stickers. Indoor stickers, for example, are available up to a size of A4; this is enough space to easily accommodate a whole year and have your calendars printed like this.

  • Want a handy overview? Business card size calendar printing makes that possible. Simply print plastic cards – with an annual planner printed on. The cards fit into any wallet and are robust and resistant to scratching. Silver plastic cards (8.6 cm x 5.4cm) look especially classy.

  • And if you want to be even more creative, why not print a mouse pad? Choose a calendar design for this and get an overview of year with every click. This is not only a practical tool for your own workstation or that of your employees, but also makes a rather special customer gift.