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Sustainable forestry

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Certified papers from sustainable forestry at FLYERALARM

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Forests are some of the most productive eco-systems in the world. They cover a third of our planet’s land mass. A rising demand for natural resources has been accompanied by a reduction in forests and the loss of valuable forest functions.

For this reason, forest certification works to ensure companies adhere to certain management rules which combat these issues. It is an effective, economic way to promote the sustainable management of forests forwards while adhering to social, economic and ecological standards. It is especially important that the paper industry takes responsibility here, as almost every other industrially felled tree is processed into paper.

FSC and PEFC also offer a product supply chain certification for companies. That includes the transport and manufacture from forested products. The product supply chain certification guarantees to completely trace the product back to its origin. At FLYERALARM you have the possibility to use papers from sustainably managed forests for your products, thereby taking an active part in these beneficial schemes.

What is the benefit to you, the customer?

Sustainability and the environment are more important than ever before. “The ecological printer” - this term includes printers offering CO₂ neutral print, as well as using recycled paper or materials with an FSC or PEFC certificate.

If using responsibly forested papers is important to you too, FSC and PEFC certified materials offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional options. Furthermore, the PEFC and FSC stamps guarantee fair conditions for employees as well as the conservation of flora and fauna in the forests themselves. You are actively supporting the protection of our environment, for future generations too.


FSC™ – Forest Stewardship Council™

FSC is an independent non-profit organisation, which campaigns worldwide for an eco-friendly, socially and economically viable management of forests using its certification system. The non-government organisation was founded in 1993 as a result of the climate summit in Rio de Janeiro. This was on the initiative of environmental organisations, commercial enterprises and trade unions and was the first certification system for sustainable forestry. Over 200 million hectares of forest are certified as meeting FSC standards. You can check the validity of our certificate in the FSC database.

PEFC™ – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes™

PEFC is an international, independent non-government environmental organisation. It promotes socially compatible, economically viable and sustainable forest management on a non-profit basis. It was founded in 1999, initiated by European owners of forests and woods. As well as forest owners, environmental and social organisations are also involved on international, national and regional levels. PEFC is also the largest worldwide umbrella organisation for national forest certification systems. Over 300 million hectares of forest are PEFC certified worldwide. You can check the validity of our certificate in the PEFC database.