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Poster printing:
standard and premium materials

Whether promoting a product, an event or a communicating a campaign – it has to draw attention. And reach as broad an audience as possible. As well as do all this at the lowest possible price. The solution? Print posters online. Hardly any other advertising medium gives you a better price-performance ratio and attracts more attention. There are virtually endless possibilities, both in terms of design and placement location. After all, FLYERALARM has a solution for every need. And if a small order is all you need, no problem – we will print your posters precisely according to your wishes. We print posters using digital print starting from a single copy, in high quality with next day or express delivery.

Outdoor posters, come rain or shine

You have several options for dealing with rain, snow and sun. For large billboards, you can make posters online on affiche paper. The waterproof material is securely affixed to the appropriate surface using glue. To ensure that the surface does not show through, the paper has a completely opaque, blue reverse side. This also applies to all-weather posters, which you do not have to glue to a wall. Pre-punched holes also allow you to attach them to fences or lampposts, for example. High paperweights of 750gsm or 840gsm ensures maximum stability, while the appropriate coating guarantees robustness. Choose between a dispersion varnish and a film coating, which provides slightly better protection in comparison. Your posters will be printed on cardboard made from more than 90% recycled wood fibres so you can easily dispose of it in the recycling bin. Thanks to its durability, however, it will take some time before that is necessary. A twin-wall sheet is equally weatherproof and offers similar stability. You can likewise use it as a poster by printing your design on it. The sheets can be attached with cable ties in no time, making them suitable for broad-based campaign advertising, for example. Because, in addition to their other properties, they are very light, weighing a mere 450 g per square metre. Also suitable for outdoors, but much smaller: our special outdoor stickers in the section sticker printing. You can choose from a variety of formats for advertising outdoors.

Particularly striking

You have several options for making your posters into genuine attention-grabbers. You can choose 250gsm glossy coated paper, for example, which comes with high-gloss UV varnish finishing. This makes the colours shine, creating a real eye-catcher, especially if the design is in the foreground. If you prefer the focus to be on the text, yellow, green, magenta and orange neon-coloured posters are absolute head-turners. And the good part: with such striking paper, a monochrome black print suffices. We will print your extravagant posters from a print run of just 100.
An appropriate design is not the only way to draw attention to your poster however. Unusual materials also catch the eye – such as Stafix® film. Its metallic lustre is, however, not the only advantage it offers. Static electricity alone makes it cling to virtually any smooth surface such as display windows, building walls or billboards. You don’t need any adhesive agent and can use the posters over and over, since detaching them is as easy as pie.
If you don’t want to hang your poster up, but rather use it as a floor display at trade shows or in front of your business to attract customers, we recommend the advertising board. Your advantage: as well as being low-priced and light-resistant, they make the perfect posters for an event.
Another option is sticker printing. You can print stickers with your design and use them in a wide range of surfaces and with many different materials and formats.

Posters - a success story

The poster is one of the oldest advertising media, and is associated with the invention of printing. Poster printing was thus possible as early as the 15th century and the first sheets were posted in public places. They were used especially to let the people know about upcoming festivities and other attractions. With the development of lithography at the end of the 18th century, the poster made another leap forward. Printing larger formats in colour became possible. Technical developments and ever cheaper materials helped the poster continue its success story over the following decades, until reaching its climax with the invention of the advertising column and industrialisation in the late 19th century. Economy and culture yielded ever more novelties in need of advertising. This was true for food and clothing as well as for theatre and cinema.
Along with the poster, leaflets also made their first appearance. Flyer printing is a big part of today's marketing campaigns and FLYERALARM offers a wide selection, including various finishes, premium materials and custom-sized options.