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Stamps and accessories




Stamps and accessories

Leave your mark on documents with your very own stamp...

...on your office supplies, products and advertising materials. Your online printing company FLYERALARM has a stamp to suit every application. Check out our diversity for yourself and print your individual company stamp online according to your needs. We give you the choice between wooden stamps as well as Printy and Professional stamps from the Trodat brand.

Wooden stamp – the versatile classic

Our wooden stamp is available in ten different formats: Small, square versions, such as for your slogan, round shapes for your logo and large, rectangular stamp plates for your contact data. The indestructible stamp is made from beech wood and its ergonomically shaped handle fits comfortably in your hand. Base foam and text panel are glued on. Simply get it printed - and you’re ready to start stamping!

Our tip: Order a stamp carrier while you’re at it. This way your company stamp will always be quick to hand. The plastic carrier can accommodate eight stamps while the metal carrier has room for ten.

Printy – lightweight, small and compact

Our handy Printy is a genuine innovation in terms of environmental protection: It is the world’s first climate-neutrally manufactured stamp on the market and 65% of it is made of recycled plastic – ideal for your ecologically correct stationery. Thanks to its low weight, the uncomplicated Printy is also ideal to take home.

Its panoramic window enables precise placing of imprints; handle areas on the inkpad ensure that you can pick it up without getting ink on your hands and insert the pad without touching the colour. The clever Printy comes in four formats and housing colours: solid black or two-tone in blue/black, red/black or white/black.

Professional – extremely durable

The self-inking stamp Professional is the most durable and reliable product in its category. Thanks to their steel core and high-quality plastic sheathing, the stamps resist even the most severe use in their daily work. The robust Professional also offers superior ease of use: It is ergonomically designed; imprinting is a pleasantly quiet process.

Like his more lightweight colleague Printy, our Professional is manufactured CO2 neutral. Its text plate is made of odourless rubber. The wooden stamp is available in three different formats.

Order stamps online – your advantages

  • Less paperwork, easy acknowledgement
  • Water-soluble and indelible ink-pad colours (blue, red and black)
  • Plate and/or inkpad can be ordered separately
  • Sets can be ordered (several designs in one item)
  • Many versions available with express delivery

Tips for designing stamps

Address stamps, logo stamps or stamps with your slogan: For whatever purpose you would like to print your individual stamp, our design tips will help you design a real eye catcher.

Stamps are relatively small. Take care not to overload your design and to include sufficient white areas. This is the only way to ensure that all the details will be visible and the design will print well. For a clear typeface, select a sans-serif font with a minimum 7 pt font size. Contour lines should be at least 1 pt thick. It is preferable to create graphical objects as vector graphics.

Particularly important: All texts and objects on your company stamp must be designed to be 100% black. Do not use grey scales and other graphical effects such as drop shadows, outer glow, colour gradients etc. Even transparencies and colour screens cannot be printed. For best results, your print file should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi.

Stamp paper and loyalty cards

It is best to print your personal stamp on uncoated paper, such as offset or recycled paper. Stamps adhere particularly well to such paper. That’s why we also provide you with our loyalty cards from these materials. Add stamp fields on our flat or folded cards and reward your customers for their loyalty – e.g., with discounts for regular shopping.

Funny stamps as giveaways

Designed with creative message, stamps are also a popular customer gift. How about two small wooden stamps such as “Like” and “Don’t like”? Beautifully packaged in a stylish cube box, this is sure to get a chuckle out of your business partners.