Wall mounted brochure holders

Wall mounted brochure holders – keep flyers secured and on display

Wall mounted brochure holders ensure that your flyers, brochures and leaflets stay in one place and look professional while on display. Clear plastic casing allows customers, patients or students to see the products easily, encouraging them to grab one for a closer look. Wall mounting at eye level can also promote further engagement with the product. What’s more, the cover flap ensures that the brochures, fly-rs or leaflets are always protected from rain, dirt and dust. Buy wall mounted brochure holders in the FLYERALARM online shop; they are available in three sizes in order to accommodate A4, A5 and DL-sized flyers, brochures and leaflets.

Business – professional-looking casings encourage customers to take a leaflet

Wall mounted leaflet holders are perfect for businesses. Instead of cluttering up a desk, present your brochures and leaflets professionally by mounting them! Wall mounting places brochures and leaflets at eye level, which encourages customers, patients and others to take and read the advertisement. A wall mounted leaflet holder is just the type of marketing equipment your business needs. Buy wall mounted leaflet holders from FLYERALARM.

Purchase a wall mounted brochure and leaflet holder...

  • ...if you are looking to exhibit your promotional or marketing materials in an eye-catching and attractive display.
  • ...if you want to display your business-related flyers, brochures and leaflets in a highly sophisticated, professional manner.
  • ...if you run a hospital or clinic and are looking for a better way to display your health education handouts.
  • ...if you want a professional-looking case to display your restaurant or catering menus.
  • ...if you are a real estate agent looking to mount flyers for various listings.

Universities & schools – keep important information available and in plain sight

Whether you run a campus clinic and display flyers, brochures or leaflets for health education purposes, are a teacher with various learning materials or are a student with leaflets to distribute to the people coming to watch your presentation, we recommend displaying them in a wall mounted leaflet holder. A wall mounted set-up looks attractive and professional, lending credibility to the document itself.

Purchase a wall mounted brochure and leaflet holder...

  • ...if you want to want to create a centralised location for your educational brochures and leaflets, making them easier for pupils, students or patients to find and grab.
  • ...if you are looking to display copies of your presentation topic for attendees to take in order to facilitate a scholarly discussion.
  • ...if you are looking place various printed flyers, like campus guides and maps, together and in plain sight.

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