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Tablecloths and covers


Would you like to visually enhance your event in a quick and easy manner? Use our printed covers and the result is dazzling. You can jazz up beer benches, beer tables, cocktail tables or even barriers with our stretchy throws in an instant: whether you wish to create a cosy chill out area at the trade show, draw attention to the buffet at a party or arrange a stylish champagne reception for a wedding. These covers even make the perfect decorative accessory for your garden furniture.

Covers can be printed for different pieces of furniture. Choose the appropriate variant for your application!

We can print covers exactly how you want them and according to your wishes. Beer benches, beer tables, cocktail tables and barriers provide enough space to let your creativity run wild. Print your logo or event slogan onto the throws and radiate style and elegance with a uniform look. Add value to your event furniture with online printed covers and ensure your guests enjoy a pleasant experience all around.

- Our covers for cocktail tables are made of stretch fabric, so everything sits perfectly for hours and yes, even days. The stretchable throws immediately create an elegant atmosphere at any reception. Our printing shop can print the full surface of the covers, so you can precisely adjust the polyester covers to your colour scheme. Just pull the cover over a high table with a table height of 110 cm and tighten the pre-sewn reinforcements in the table feet area over the four table legs. Done.

-  Covers for beer tables and beer benches: spending time sitting comfortably is what everyone wants at an event, whether for a chat, to eat or to give your legs a rest after long periods of standing or dancing. Jazz up your beer benches and beer tables in a decorative way with our online printable throws. The covers printed in your corporate design or with your motto will be a real eye-catcher and will ensure the chill out area lives up to its name.

- Printed covers for barriers point all guests in the right direction, generously separate individual areas and also ensure that large surfaces have a tidy appearance. The throws for barriers consist of a weather-resistant 500 g PVC banner, which is printed by our printing shop with a 4/0 single sided print (full colour). They fit perfectly on Mannheim or Mannesmann crowd barriers with the dimensions 250 x 110 x 45 cm and can be fixed to these using a Velcro strap and Velcro fastener.

The right combination: which products do the covers go best with?

For those who need disposable paper cups in addition to covers for any given event, we have the perfect advertising message to go: printed paper cups with a double wall. Paper cups - with double layer, sigle layer, voucher cups. The contents are thus kept hot for longer while your hands stay nice and cool. Would you also like greeting and invitation cards? Print the cards in your corporate design or with a slogan to go with your event. Depending on their intended use, our greeting cards are available in portrait, landscape or square format and in various different materials and finishing options.