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Banner printing: your indoor and outdoor banners personalised

You wish to do banner printing – they’re all here, in many sizes and formats. Standard dimensions for outdoor site scaffolds and fences banner , rectangular banner to DIN standard; we also offer custom banner printing for promotional banners for companies. Two weatherproof materials are available: sturdy, durable PVC and lightweight, air-permeable mesh. All banner printings are available with eyelets on request.

A outdoor banner in PVC or mesh?

Printing on PVC banner is tear-resistant and robust: suitable for exposure to weather and people. Custom banner printings can line barriers at events or the gym. At 500 grams per square metre, PVC vinyl banners have a “thick skin” and stands up to abuse. Our banners in PVC are UV-resistant and fire-resistant. With vinyl’s high whiteness, colours on vinyl banner printings shine with brilliance.

The mesh fabric is cloth-like, transparent and air-permeable – weighing in at 300 grams per square metre. Mesh is lighter than PVC and so withstands higher winds. As a backdrop on a free-standing fence, or as a sign in the open, mesh is recommended for your promotional banners when wind might be an issue. Mesh is also made of PVC , so fire-retardant and UV-resistant. Mesh and PVC won’t fade. High-quality digital printing ensures your banner printing’s good condition even after prolonged outdoor display. The colour lasts and protects the banner printing material itself.

Banner printings as barriers

Especially at events such as sports or festivals, banner printings are barriers to maintain security. As barrier and promotional banner you can make use of a personalised advertising surface , printing your logo and custom message for display. Measuring 215 x 73 cm, the banner printings are custom tailored to fit the most common barriers. And thanks to the twelve eyelets along the perimeter, attaching them with cable ties or string is easy.

Use site fences and scaffolds for advertising banners

Construction site fences are boring – except when they display a banner printing! It’s advertising for your company. Let every passer-by admire your larger-than-life business card. After all, 340 x 173 cm site banner printings are hard to miss. And they are not only for construction sites, we offer scaffolding banner printed with your logo at over four square metres. That should be enough for your promotional banners. Aside from the advertising and graphic impact, scaffold banner printings are also practical: promotional banners prevent equipment and people from falling off!

Custom banner printings up to 18 square metres

Standard-sizes and -formats are of course available. If they don’t do it, we’ll cut and print a custom banner printing for you. Widths of up to six metres and heights of up to three metres are available for your designed banners. Just specify your custom dimensions down to the centimetre. Up to four-metre widths will be delivered to your door free of charge via our Next Day Delivery service. You can also have the back of your banner printing printed. To ensure print from the other side does not show through, the PVC contains block-out centre layer – for custom- and standard-sizes.

Banner printings everywhere

With our convenient, low-priced banner printing-tightening set – i.e. two metal tubes fixed to the ground with a ground spike – your banners can display in every available area. Complete your outdoor advertising with hoisting flags or drop-flags from our Flags category. Or add panels and signs. Choose from multiple materials and formats at our one-stop shop for all your printing needs.

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