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Signs and rigid print

Sign and panel printing

Using the latest machines and a special process, we print panels and signs for you in many formats and offer all the standard materials for both indoor and outdoor use, such as rigid foam panels, aluminium composite panels and twin-wall sheets as well as direct-to-glass or acrylic glass printing. Use them as advertising signs, information carriers or decoration – the uses are as versatile as your creativity. To make the best use of panels and signs for your purposes, there are many options for having holes drilled in the corners or ordering special attachment clamps. Using clamps makes drilling unnecessary and your design thus remains untouched. Many banners also offer you the option of having the corners rounded off, thus giving them that extra touch of elegance while lowering the risk of injury.

Aluminium composite sign printing

Our composite panels made of aluminium offer you the choice between a white and a silver brushed surface. Both variants are only 3 mm thick, making them extremely light-weight, while providing a high degree of stability. This makes them ideal as a doorbell signs or information boards on external walls, as well as for large-surface advertising, such as on site fences. Material and printing are after all particularly weather-proof and thus resistant to rain, snow or sun. If you have appealing or unusual photos printed on your signs they are also ideal as decorative elements in offices or entrance areas. There are many available formats, right up to A0, i.e. one square metre. If you still have trouble finding the right size, you can also order your white aluminium composite panel in a custom sized format – of course printed with your desired design.

Rigid foam sign printing

We can also cut custom-sized rigid foam panels for you – as well as various standard sizes of course. As with the aluminium panels, they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This is ensured by panel and sign printing with UV resistant colours, meaning that sunlight will not cause any damage even over a longer period. The panels are also environmentally friendly as they are free from plasticisers as well as B1-certified and thus of low flammability. Alongside their low weight, this makes them the perfect companion for indoor events such as trade shows. They can be easily fixed with adhesive strips and are nevertheless stable. Printed with your company logo or graphic, the rigid foam panel becomes an advertising sign or design object. And for a perfect gallery feel, simply hang several panels up next to one another.

Soft foam panel printing

Weighing in at only 750 grams per square metre, the KAPA® plast soft foam panel is a real lightweight. Thanks to their CFC-free polyurethane foam core and two-sided, plastic coated corrugated cardboard, the panels are easy to handle. Choose the design you want to print on the signs and simply cut them to length with a cutter after printing. This makes our soft foam panel foam an exceptional advertising medium as well as an ideal element for trade show construction. Especially since they offer a high level of dimensional stability and bending strength as well as being wipe-clean and moisture repellent.

Twin-wall sheet printing

Advertise for your products, events or your party on twin-wall sheets. The signs can be printed as a smart alternative to traditional posters and thus do without any additional supporting material to which you would have to attach them. Instead, you simply put holes in the twin-wall sheets and use wire, for example, to attach them to lampposts. Panel and sign printing on the 2.5 mm thick polypropylene is available in various formats and can be printed on both sides.

Re-board® honeycomb cardboard printing

Honeycomb cardboard, in contrast, is more suited for indoor use and is available in custom-sized format (15 x 15 cm to 118 x 84 cm) and in two material thicknesses. Its unique honeycomb structure makes the cardboard both extremely stable and very light. Since it is also environmentally friendly, recyclable and of low flammability, it is the ideal advertising medium for permanent or mobile use. And a brilliant white coating on both sides ensures that your designs will look just perfect. The appropriate sign holder will provide the honeycomb cardboard with secure footing. Thanks to an anti-slip coating, it is also optimally secure on a flat floor while fitting in perfectly with the other panels.

Direct-to-glass and acrylic glass printing

Whether in business spaces, hotel lobbies or conference rooms, our large-scale direct-to-glass or acrylic glass printing opens up new dimensions for interior spaces. We print squares and rectangles of all different sizes in your desired design. Should you opt for the 4 mm thick white glass panels, your images will look vividly clear, the edges will be polished, and retaining plates and spacers will already be glued on. With PMMA acrylic glass, you can select the material thickness and your custom sized format and also benefit from the lower weight, as it is only half as heavy as glass.

The complete advertising package

In order to promote your point of sale or trade show stand as effectively as possible, your online print shop has a wide range of advertising products for you. You can thus of course print not only signs, but also drop-flags and beach-flags printing for example. They are available in special indoor and outdoor versions. To advertise on site fences, barriers and many other places, you should banner printing. They come with eyelets on request, so you can hang up them straight away.