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Design flags online

Flag Printing

Show the world what you are all about and have it printed on your flags - in the truest sense of the word. Benefit from the wide variety: from small table flags to huge hoisting flags, we can print numerous flag variants for you – customised, fast and affordably. The banners have long been intended for more than merely outdoor use; special indoor products are available for trade shows and other events that take place indoors. The following applies for flags: You can order them as a complete system including printing, only the system or only the flag printing.

Trendy shapes and attractive eye-catchers

In front of entrances and display windows, the outstanding mobile drop-flags (teardrop shaped) and square-flags (sail shaped) attract the attention of passers-by. Both variants flutter in the wind to transmit your advertising in the outdoors. They can also be easily transported and quickly dismantled and rebuilt. Printing flags thus ensures that you always have the perfect companions for events such as festivals, sporting events or markets. After all, their stable base and accompanying water weight means they stand securely in windy and adverse weather conditions. Both of these things, as well as the carrier bag, are included with delivery. In case of high winds, PVC ground drills or the 5 l water weight for flags ensure additional stability for drop-flags and square-flags. The 15 kg heavy base panel provides the necessary grounding for turbulent periods. It is likewise suitable for both flag types and easy to transport thanks to its handy grip hole.

The polyester fabric of the drop-flags and square-flags is washable, can be ironed and is extremely weather-resistant, as the items are made from 110 g flag fabric. In addition, the thermo-fixing makes the flags particularly resilient. This means, for example, that they are B1-certified, and thus of low flammability material for flag printing. They are not only fire resistant, but also rain and wind proof. They are easy to set up too – all you have to do is pull the printed material onto the supplied foldable rod and fix it in place with the integrated elastic band.

Attracting attention with XXL format

Whether it’s in front of club houses, stadiums or businesses – with hoisted flags for flag poles you can get your design noticed in the optimum way purely thanks to its size, catching the eye from far off. We will of course print your flags all over with your desired design, your logo, your slogan and your advertising. They offer four metres of height and up to 1.5 metres of width for this purpose. If you furnish more than one flagpole with your flags, you will be sure to attract maximum attention.

You can also choose whether you want a version with or without side arms for the hoisting flags. The variant with side arms makes sure that the flag fabric doesn’t fold and that your design is still visible even if there is no wind. It is thus a good idea to choose this option if possible and keep it in mind when printing the flags.

Even more versatility thanks to custom sized format

Can’t find the desired format for your flag in our standard range? Not a problem! We can also provide you with hoisting flags for poles with or without side arms in custom sized formats. Any size is possible: from 80 x 80 cm to 150 x 490 cm or 300 x 490 cm. And prices are of course precisely calculated down to the last centimetre. So don’t just let your imagination run wild when printing your flags, make sure they are precisely suited to your needs.

Window advertising made easy

No screwing, no sticking: Window-flags designed for indoor use are attached to the back of your display window with suction pads and in this way can point out products, which would otherwise be covered by a big flag, in a targeted way. And to guide customers into your shop, a window-flag outdoor on the other side of the window pane can show them the way. Just as easy to attach and equally effective.

Additional XXL promotional products

As an online printing shop with a large diversity of advertising products, we also have plenty of other large-format advertising media for you to choose from. You will, for example, find a wide range of presentation options for trade shows, talks or seminars. You can thus, for example, print displays to point out your products or present your company on them. For eye-catching outdoor advertising, we recommend banners that you can attach to site fences or barriers, for example. We can even print and deliver your customised banner printing for you with our overnight service.