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Textile stretch frames

Stretching Frame Printing – Showcase your advertising messages

Whether as a promotional tool or for decoration: Stretching frames are ideal for indoor presentations, such as at trade shows, events, in offices and stores or even at home. Showcase your advertisement or design or separate rooms visually from certain areas. Choose from stretching frames you can hang on the wall and partition walls which are also very suitable as a visual separation.

We have three types of systems: stretching frames, classic stretching frame partitions and a comfort variant. Pick one for printing that best suits your needs.

Stretching frame systems are versatile as a trade show partition, conference room decoration, to improve the look of open-plan offices or create new advertising space in your shop. Since stretching frames are very easy to assemble they are perfect for both professional use as well as for use at home. Stretching frames are particularly suitable for trade fairs: Their light weight makes them easy to transport from one place to another. As soon as you print your stretching frames they become effective.

Stretching frames are available in our online printing shop in many sizes – as a complete set, i.e. stretching frame including printing or as individual components – either only the printing or only the frame itself. As our stretching frames are made of aluminium, they keep the 220g polyester fabric tight, so everything stays smooth and your design is shown to advantage.

Classic stretching frame partitions can be used as a room partition, for example in offices and at trade show stands. It is also light enough to be hung on the wall like a picture. Two formats are available, both of which can be stretched on one side or both sides. Just as with the stretching frames, you can order our stretching frame partitions as a complete set with printing or the individual components online from our printing shop.

→ The comfort version of our partition is very high quality and immediately enhances trade show stands as well as training or conference rooms. The partition has a deep frame profile, in which you can mount LED lighting. This allows you to create accents in the room while surreptitiously attracting attention to your printing. You can furnish the partitions with two differently printed designs. Order our stretching frame partition as a complete set with printing or the individual components.

The right combination: What products are available as an alternative to the stretching frame?

Want to make an artistic impression? If so, we recommend the use of printed stretched canvas. High-quality cotton fabric is printed online with fade-resistant colours and then stapled onto a spruce wooden frame. Stretched canvas including printing is also available on our online printing shop in various sizes.

Instead of a stretching frame for walls you can also fabric poster printing. The banners are made of printed polyester fabric that is attached to aluminium profiles at both ends. The aluminium profiles are provided with a mounting attachment – an ideal way to quickly redecorate things a little at the stand or at home.