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Professional advertising products for a professional appearance

To allow you to introduce yourself and your business in the best light, we offer a wide range of advertising products for every place and every occasion which you can print as you like. Whether at the point of sale, at trade shows or other events, whether indoors or outdoors – from flags to seating, from displays to films, you will find everything you need at your online printing house and can order it directly online.

Equipment for the point of sale

If the customer feels well in the shop, he or she will spend more – an old bit of wisdom that has been around for quite some time. Equip your point of sale with a professional interior designed according to this principle. You can, for example, present your products on stretched canvas. Highlight every design perfectly on high-quality cotton fabric which is stretched on a spruce wooden frame. Choose between many different formats and create a special atmosphere. The alternative made of paper: Art print on cardboard. Despite its light weight, it is not only flexible but also extremely stable. In addition to this, its material is 100% recyclable. If you would like to showcase your products in the perfect light, we recommend our LED backlit box. The uniform lighting provides a real highlight for your advertising. Here, one of your individually designed backlit films is backlit and put in the limelight in a unique way. Thanks to the practical snap frame, you can change the design quickly and easily.

Wallpaper ensures the perfect wall decoration for your rooms in unique designs. The individual strips are available from 1 unit upwards, so you can design each one differently. And the best part: you can specify a custom-sized format in which we should print your wallpaper. Widths of up to 400 cm and heights of up to 280 cm are possible here.

Draw attention to your business with advertising products

Point your customers in the right direction by showing them the way into your business. Customers won’t be able to miss you with our flags, for example. You can print hoisting flags for your masts online in different sizes – or your can order them individually in your custom-sized format. If there are no masts available, we have different systems including printing in our range of products, for example, our square flags with a maximum height of 4.60 m, but also smaller flags which can also be used indoors. Beachbanners are also eye-catchers which you can place in front of or even inside your business, and are also useful at events. Our panels & signs have a particularly long lifetime. Whether you wish to convey information or advertising messages, put them up or attach them to the wall, or use them indoors or outdoors – our wide range of materials and formats covers all requirements related to modern advertising products. From the aluminium composite panel through to the custom-sized honeycomb cardboard: the choice is yours.

Just like for our banners. Advertising media in large format are a classic for outdoor advertising – and rightly so, as they withstand wind and weather and guarantee the longest possible lifetime for your message. And because banners are often attached to building site fences and scaffoldings, we already have some on offer that are specially tailored for exactly this purpose.

Advertising on films: making sure your advertising sticks

Our adhesive films are ideal for long-term advertising promotions. Once applied, they not only have an incredible hold, but also remain adhered for a very long time – on almost any material. If you would like to remove them however, this is possible without leaving any residue. We offer various films depending on the purpose and surface. The classic is the self-adhesive film, which you can order and print online in many sizes. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can advertise permanently and effectively. Thanks to modern digital printing you can start advertising as early as one day after placing your order, as the self-adhesive films are also available in the overnight service.

There are also floor stickers specifically for floors – which are an excellent opportunity to attract attention to them and to your products both indoors and outdoors. Would you like to adhere stickers to your shop window or other glass? Then choose a window décor foil, which is non-transparent and opaque, or perforated film, which shows your advertising on the outside and allows light to pass through to the shop interior. And the best part: all adhesive films are not only available in many preconceived formats, but also in your personal custom-sized format.

If you wish to change designs frequently or be able to use them in another place, we recommend our reusable adhesive films. Choose between adhesive film, adhesive film with a textile structure, behind glass adhesive film und magnetic film, depending on which surface you wish to advertise on and how you would like your advertising to appear. Here too, it is not only possible to choose a fixed size, but also to print the adhesive films in your custom-sized format.

In this way, you can make your trade shows and events a real success

With our advertising product range, we provide you with the full range of products for trade shows and other events. Create your personal mobile trade show stand and cut an impressive figure time and time again – without trade show stand builders and a large budget. Design your trade show walls by yourself and create unique eye-catchers for visitors. Choose between different pop-up displays in different sizes, with or without lighting, and print them to suit your preferences using our online store. This allows not only for easy transport, but also for simple assembly.

And to go with this: our trade show counters. Square, curved, with aluminium profiles or textile fabric – the choice is yours. The counters are not only individually printable, but are also quickly assembled and disassembled and thus extremely practical. In the case of the trade show counter with aluminium profiles you can integrate an induction-charging area, which customers can use to charge their mobile devices wirelessly.

Our advertising product selection offers you the full range of possibilities to attract attention to your trade show stand, communicate content in an impressive way and present products in an appropriate fashion. Choose from a large selection of displays, for example: choose from X banners with bamboo frames through to various roll-ups and magnetic frame displays as the perfect means for presenting your products.

You can also win over visitors and customers with fabric banners. The elegant eye-catchers convey your graphics and messages with vigour and leave a lasting impression. Simply order textile banners in the size in which you need them. Sizes up to 4.80 x 2.80 m are possible here. The silent air column is definitely a special attention grabber, which is impossible to miss thanks to its height of 2.20 m. The air-filled polyester column does not require a mains connection and can thus be deployed anywhere. Print them all the way around to create your own personalised mobile advertising column. To ensure that your high tables do not appear quite so bare, we recommend covers, which you can use to cover them. Print them in your own design and attract even more attention. These are available not only for cocktail tables, but also for beer tables, beer benches and barriers.