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Business as usual: our printing presses are still running, our orders are being sent on time and you can still contact our team on the phone or via email.

Wide format prints and large format printing

Large format prints, big prints, display products and panels, portable displays, point-of-sale (POS) displays – all this and more, online and easy to buy. From large format banner print to seating, from displays to flags, we have what the large format printing you need.

Make it your business to advertise your business within your business

Flags are a proven display system. Our square flags reach a maximum height of 4.60 m, but we also sell smaller flags that fit indoors. And we supply masts for large format prints. Beach banners are wide format prints that work at your site or at events. Our panels and signs last a lifetime in display. Indoor or outdoor – our print materials and formats cover all requirements, from aluminium composite panels to honeycomb cardboard. The wide format prints choices are yours.

And we offer wide format print outdoor banners for fences and barriers. A classic for outdoor advertising – they withstand wind and weather. We even offer specialised large format prints banners for building site fences and scaffolds.

POS displays – for your point of sale presentations

Present your products in large and wide format prints on stretched canvas. These wide format displays are printed on high-quality cotton stretched on a spruce frame. Or do POS display panels for your merchandise made of paper: art print on cardboard display. Or how about a large format shop display unit with an LED backlit box – that’s custom merchandising. Its snap frame changes design quickly and easily.

What about a wide format wallpaper print? Individual strips are available, so you can design each strip differently. Custom sizes: widths of up to 400 cm and heights of up to 280 cm.

Here comes your film debut!

Adhesive films are ideal for product display. These wide format printing hold on, for a long time, to almost anything. But if you want to change the display, you can remove them without leaving any residue. The classic custom large sticker is a self-adhesive film. Need that wide format print now? Self-adhesive films are available in overnight service.

Floor stickers are an unbeatable display system at your POS. How about stickers for your shop window or counter display unit glass? Choose a window décor foil, in non-transparent and opaque or perforated film, that displays on the outside yet allows light to the inside. Custom large stickers!

Reusable adhesive films can change designs frequently or be moved to another location. Choose from adhesive film, adhesive film with a textile structure, behind glass adhesive film und magnetic film. Custom large format prints – get them here!

Trade shows and events: be a winner with wide format printing!

Portable signage and exhibition stands – without stand builders and a large budget. Trade show signs you can mount by yourself are available in: pop-up displays of different sizes, with or without lighting, printed to your design. Easy transport, simple assembly.

Custom exhibition stand printing: our trade show counters come square, curved, with aluminium profiles or textile fabric. Custom wide format prints, quickly assembled and disassembled. With our aluminium profiles you can include an induction-charging area! We have a large choice of merchandise displays: Choose banners with bamboo frames through to various roll-ups and magnetic frame displays.

Fabric banners – up to 4.80 x 2.80 m. Now that’s a large format print. Silent air columns at 2.20 m need no mains connection: use them anywhere. Cover your high tables with wide format prints as well as your cocktail tables, beer tables, benches and barriers.

FLYERALARM is there – for you!

Do you need more information, do you have questions, do you need any support in choosing wide format prints and POS displays? Our team is all too happy to help.

  • By telephone: our team is ready to advise and to serve you Mondays-to-Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm. We are ready and willing to take your call.
  • Call-back service: just give us a number and a time (Mondays-to-Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm) to phone you. We’ll get on it, and you’ll lose no time.