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Plastic cards

Accessories for plastic cards

Print plastic cards for every purpose

Cards for customers, for special offers, ID cards for members, employees or visitors, key cards and access cards, cards for... any purpose or occasion you like! And all this in numerous colours, shapes and sizes. At your online printing shop you can create plastic cards individually, at a great price and cut to size to suit your exact needs. In doing so, you not only have the choice between white and silver cards, but also the option to provide them with magnetic strips, flat hot foil stamping or holograms.

Printed plastic cards: so many uses

Made of sturdy PVC, these printable plastic cards are extremely robust. This means they aren't only a hit with your customers, but also so useful - you can use them in so many situations. Customer cards can be used as bonus or discount cards, and the idea opens up a world of new ways to advertise. Help your customers get even more out of your company by giving them a card - or just use them as adverts. YOu can even print a calendar on the back and make a snazzy promotional gift for your customers! They are the perfect size for purses and wallets, so you know your customers will look at them over and over. Of you would rather order paper cards, we can also help you with those. Print cards with space for stamps and keep your customers coming back for more.

Need new ID cards for employees and visitors?

Print plastic cards online and use them to keep order. They are also great for schools as ID cards for pupils and teachers. To keep things personal, order the version with the signature strip - each can be individually signed to avoid theft and help in the case of loss. The cards also work fabulously as admission tickets for longer events such as trade fairs. Particularly useful for exhibitors, builders and anyone else entering the fair several times a day - plastic tickets are much less likely to break or get lost. Go one step further and attach them to a badge clip - just select the hole punching option after you have selected your product for ultimate security.

Magnetic strips: give more information

Plastic cards are cleverer than you might think! They can store a surprising amount of information if you kit them out with a magnetic strip. These are usually made from little magnetised particles of iron oxide or chromium dioxide. The strips are made up of three tracks, which can store a total of 1,024 bits. This information is divided as follows:

  • Track 1 (top of the strip): here it is possible to save an alphanumeric code with 6 bits per character, with which numbers, uppercase letters, spaces and some special characters can be displayed. 79 characters can be recorded (76 digits of user data) including start, stop and parity characters.
  • Track 2 (middle of the strip): a numerical code with 4 bits per character is written on this, which contains the numbers 0 to 9 and some special characters. 40 characters can be recorded (37 digits of user data) including start, stop and parity characters.
  • Track 3 (bottom of the strip): similar to Track 2, this contains a numeric code with 4 bits per character. 107 characters can be recorded (104 digits of user data) including start, stop and parity characters.

Attract attention with the finishes

Stand out from the crowd – with flat hot foil stamping or holograms. Design and print your plastic cards and create unique products which look and feel great. Choose between gold or silver flat hot foil, which gives your cards an exclusive coating. This offers you a real alternative to traditional paper business cards. Presenting your company in such a special way is an indespensible advertising tool - especially for impressing new customers at trade fairs and business events.

In any case, printing business cards is always a good idea if you work in business. Design your personal cards to fit your corporate image, and get them printed online quickly, professionally and at bargain prices.

The same goes for flyer printing: improve your image with amazing flyers, flyers with exclusive materials or exclusive finishings