Print a wide variety of packaging

Whether you plan to send products, samples or customer gifts, orders and gifts are guaranteed to arrive in individually printed packaging. We offer a wide range of boxes, which you can have individually printed online.

Print packaging in just three steps

Your printed packaging should not only impress in terms of appearance, but also with its functionality. We have three helpful tips for you so that you can attain your goal with your choice of packaging:

(1) Contents: it really is all about size

The dimensions of the contents which you wish to sell are decisive for your choice of box. Pack small, light contents in practical cardboard boxes, for example wrap boxes or cube boxes. In addition, you should always think about the properties of your contents. Does your product need to be wrapped in additional packaging for protection? This requires extra space, which you should allow for.

(2) Use: appearance vs. functionality

Will your print product be used as pretty packaging for giveaways, as product packaging or as sturdy additional packaging for your product samples, for example? The appearance of packaging does not exclude its functionality; on the contrary: our slip lid boxes for drink cans made of SBS board secure their contents with absolute reliability thanks to the material, lid and inlay. Giveaway packaging is usually not as sturdy as shipping packaging, however. Larger units of measure are also available for more sturdy cardboard boxes. Go through your requirements for printing your packaging, evaluate what is crucial to you and, in the blink of an eye, you will find your packaging at your online printing shop.

(3) Print runs: the more you order, the more you save

Of course, we deliver all of our packaging at fair terms, combined with a one-of-a-kind service. The price is even more reasonable if you order a large quantity of shipping, gift or can packaging. The larger the ordered print run, the lower the unit price. Save now by ordering in bulk! Order cardboard boxes for products and gifts in bulk.

Classic, practical, individual: we print packaging for all your shippings

Use our printed mailer envelopes to send flat items and protect these against creases; for use with advertising brochures or product catalogues, for example. The pockets in B5 or B4 format are made from stable SBS board and provided with practical glued tabs and tear-off strips.

You can send larger orders in individually printed shipping packaging. The boxes are available in three different sizes from quantities of 500 units and upwards: S with the internal dimensions 227 x 166 x 94 mm, M with 352 x 291 x 129 mm and L with 427 x 341 x 194 mm. The product cartons are delivered open on pallets and can be put together quickly and easily.

Beautifully wrapped: printable boxes for your giveaways

Would you like to send your customer small treats or product samples? Then our wrap-around printable folding boxes are just what you are looking for. Whether you plan to send them by post or distribute them at trade fairs – the solid 300 g matt coated paper protects the contents against external influences to ensure that the recipients will be able to fully enjoy them. Choose the square or rectangular variant, depending on what you wish to fill them with. You can receive these practical folding boxes from orders of 100 units upwards.

Give even more sophisticated presents with our wrap boxes. These versatile, rounded boxes are ideal for small gifts, from ballpoint pens to ties. Choose the smaller design with the dimensions 20 x 7 x 2.2 cm for these types of items. The larger wrap boxes measuring 24.5 x 11.5 x 3.2 cm provide more space for larger items. Printed in a stylish design, this alternative really makes something out of the packaging and your customers and business partners will have twice the pleasure.

The cube box is a great opportunity to be creative. Measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm, it offers plenty of space for small gifts or orders on the inside and for a customised design on the outside. Another highlight: the four lid tabs are inserted into each other to close the box, thus creating an unusual but, at the same time, secure lid. We deliver the boxes made of robust SBS board already fully assembled – you just have to unfold them. Storage thus poses no problem at all.

As an online printing shop, we naturally offer you a variety of printable giveaways in our category promotional gifts. We have a wide range of promotional gifts for you to choose from, from pens to buttons and cups as well as individual sweets. This ensures that your packaging can also be filled with suitable contents.

A toast to your customers: printable packaging for cans

An increasingly popular giveaway are individuallyprinted cans. Choose between several delicious varieties and design the cans exactly the way you want them. We have special gift packaging for you so you can hand them out as gifts in appropriate packaging. We not only have suitable cans in stock, but also wine and champagne bottles. Of course, all of these have lids so the contents can be emptied by the target audience without a single drop being spilt. The square alternative: our slip lid boxes. Made of sturdy cardboard and equipped with a divider for 250 ml cans, these are not only easy to transport, but also protect their contents. If your require storage for several cans, select our six-pack, which holds six drinks cans as the name implies. If you would like to offer your customers drinks cans at the point of sale or the trade fair stand, it is best to offer these in a counter display made for this purpose. As with all other packaging, you can, of course, also print this all the way around and advertise yourself and your company.