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Promotional drink cans

Branded drinks bring the power back to your advertising. Whether on exhibitions, sports events or as give- away – a little refreshment is always welcomed and you have an additional multiplying advertising effect when the drink goes its way!
Why do not order the matching can box as well - and get even more attention. Best order our product sample, go and create your layout now and then: enjoy it on the rocks!

Secco Bianco

Personalised drink cans – advertising that’s refreshing!

With branded drink cans you can bring your company to your customers not just visually, but also in taste. Whether it’s at a trade fair, sporting event, at meetings or as a give-away – these little refreshments are always happily accepted. In addition, make use of the fact that when one person takes one of your cans, the number of people who will see your brand is immediately multiplied!

Our drink cans are available in different flavour varieties. You can choose between the alcoholic drink Secco Bianco or the non-alcoholic Energy drink.

Our tips for your personalised drink cans:

  • fine, cool or shiny: The film, which is wrapped around the can like a second skin, lends your drink an elegant look. Choose the transparent foil for a cool presentation. And if you like full colours, the white foil is the right choice for youl.
  • Want to try before you buy? We recommend our product samples for personalised drink cans. The samples include two cans of each sort, so that both, you and your customer can discover the different flavours.
  • Display several of cans tidily on your conference table, reception desk or checkout area: our counter display is designed so that exactly one tray – 24 cans – fits onto it. If you want to post the drinks, the display backdrop can be pulled forwards and functions as a lid.
  • Send individual cans as promotional gifts: The drink can boxes, which you can also be ordered online, are presented in a three-part lidded package made from 350gsm matt SBS board. This means it is not only stable: it also looks good.
  • If you also want to offer the fitting short-sit-down opportunity as well as the drink cans, we would recommend our cube seats. In your corporate design they are great eye-catchers and invite people to stop briefly and relax.