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Buy low cost personalised printing sledges at FLYERALARM

For your next promotion, why not try sledge printing from the print shop at FLYERALARM? You don't have to be a child to enjoy riding downhill in the snow on a custom print sledge – adults enjoy it, too! And with your name on the seat of this printed sledge, you'll be visible to all the other people out sledging too.

Reasons to use a print sledge

  • Do your customers have kids?
  • Is your product connected with a winter sport?
  • Is leisure an important aspect of your product or service?
  • Does your brand or company culture appeal to the spirit of adventure?
  • Do you want to convey a playful and fun vibe to your target audience?
  • Are the winter holidays a major time of year that drives sales and revenue for your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then sledge printing may be the perfect solution for you.

A print sledge is a major way to say to the world that your company understands that the world is not exclusively a straight-laced, hoity-toity, stodgy place. It's also a bright and happy place that rings with children's laughter and brims with the spirit of fun and adventure. What better way to convey that to your target audience than by creating personalised sledges as a giveaway or promotional item?

Generate excitement for your brand with promotional sledges

Banish the thought of winter being a cold and dreary season. Liven things up when you choose sledge printing from FLYERALARM. Here are some ways that our online printing service can help you to drive off gloomy clouds and brighten up the mood around your product or service.

  • You'll be the talk of the community if you host a giveaway, as all the parents line up to enter to win your high-quality, solid beech wood sledge for their child.
  • Earn free news coverage in the local paper when you organise sledging races when it next snows, complete with prizes, where you provide the printed sledges.
  • Show your enjoyment of winter sports by posting photos of corporate events where you have your employees riding on your custom-print sledges.

A print sledge is for everyone

When you use our printing service to create promotional sledges, don't think they're merely for children. These sledges are for adults, too. Think about all the ways people will want to use the sledges that have your name and logo on them – and how far your name and brand will go.

  • Sledging is a fabulous winter sport, no matter your age, as it offers intervals of cardio while you're climbing the hill mixed with the thrill of accumulating speed as you ride downhill.
  • Sledges don't have to be ridden to be valuable to your customers. They also make great winter decorations, regardless of the holiday. Think about the potential for a display on your front lawn or shop window.
  • Live in a flat area with no hills? No problem! Your customers can also attach a long cord to the front of the sledge and use it instead of a wagon to pull their children in the snow.
  • Even if you don't plan to give your customers a print sledge, your employees will love them. Try holding a sales contest with one or more of these personalised sledges as prizes for the top performing reps.

You'll love pairing these related items with your custom sledges

If you're considering sledge printing, don't stop there. Try some of the other printing products available from FLYERALARM today.

  • Print clothing – you can get custom-printed clothing for adults and for children, all personalised with your name, logo, and design.
  • Print ice scraper and glove – give your customers an ice scraper that's embedded in a glove, ensuring that they'll never get cold hands again while scraping off snow and ice from their windows.
  • Print jackets for women – women will love the custom cut and fit of these stylish and warm jackets, and they make great employee goodies as well as customer giveaways.
  • Print jackets for men – our personalised jackets for men allow you to display your name and logo on these warm and comfortable jackets.

Place your order for custom-printed sledges today

You'll thank yourself after you see how beloved this promotional item is by employees and customers alike. Don't miss out on this chance to increase your winter fun and display your adventurous spirit! Order today.