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Sticky notes


The perfect companion - printed adhesive notes

A business day without the sticky notes is hard to imagine. They help you remember or highlight things and also make great bookmarks with an accompanying note in books and brochures, or on invoices, delivery notes or letterheaded paper. And they are practical too: the individual pages or cardboard covers are optimal advertising space. Print your logo or message on them and ensure your visibility for both customers and employees on a daily basis. Use the sticky notepad as a promotional gift or for your own company. The individual sheets of paper adhere very well and can also be removed without leaving any residue and then reattached elsewhere. Our removal tip: if you peel off the sheet by pulling it to the side and not from the bottom upwards, the note will not arch and will adhere flatly to your documents. Try it out!

Which adhesive notes would you like to print? Classic, with a soft or hard cover or as a mini post-it? Choose the right product for you!

Our online printing shop will print your adhesive notes in up to four colours, according to your wishes. To do so, we use classical offset paper that is easy to write on with a pen or pencil. Bookmarks made of tear-resistant plastic film are particularly durable. Bookmarks with UV varnish coating have a beautiful glossy look. When it comes to the format, you can choose from vertical, horizontal or square. The adhesive strip is either on the left side or on top. A notepad has up to 100 sheets and you can order sticky notes from our online shop from quantities of 50.

Sticky notes: We offer classic sticky notes in three formats. Choose from square, horizontal or vertical. Create unique office helpers in your corporate design and with your logo or advertising message.

  • Sticky notes with softcover: Our practical notepad is protected by a cover made of robust chromium sulphate cardboard. With these bound notepads, you can choose between printed cover only or printed cover plus inner pads. The perfect giveaway, as our notepads are both handy as well as practical.
  • Sticky notes with hardcover: If you would like even better protection, choose the adhesive notes with hardcover. Special highlight: The hardcover with high-gloss foil laminating will make your print shine. The inner part provides space for two notepads and a marker set in five bright colours. So not only can you note things down, you can also highlight them. With these sticky notes, too, you can choose to have your print only on the cover or on both the cover and the pads in the inner part.
  • Shaped sticky notes: looking for special, striking shapes? We offer you five different printable versions: You can choose from thumbs up, heart, circle, speech bubble and delivery van.
  • Mini format sticky notes - small, classy and handy. Our practical mini format adhesive notes have 25 sheets and make the perfect customer gift at trade fairs as high-coverage promotional material.

  • The right combination: which products do the adhesive notes go best with?

    For those looking for additional promotional gifts with an adhesive option, similar to the sticky notes, we recommend our printable magnetic film. With formats ranging from miniature to large (60 x 90 cm), you can attach the film to virtually all metal surfaces - even outdoors!