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Wrist bands

Printing event and admittance wrist bands: everything under control

With admittance wrist bands, you can always keep track of your guests and manage even the largest of events with many participants without the slightest effort. Once attached to the wrist, only a pair of scissors can remove it. This helps to avoid the exchanging of wrist bands entirely. Use the event wrist bands for the cloakroom, for exclusive guests, as beverage wrist bands or as admission tickets. Our admission wrist bands, available in the materials Tyvek®, vinyl and fabric, are completely tear-proof and water-resistant and can withstand even the toughest loads over several days, like at festivals. And if you want to print wrist bands with your design, you came to the right place.

Which admittance wrist band is right for your event? One made of Tyvek®, fabric or vinyl? Select your favourites!

We print our admittance wrist bands for you in many wonderful colours and have various materials on offer, depending on the desired application: Tyvek® is a paper-like material which is characterised by its special tensile strength. Even more durable are our entry wristbands made of vinyl. Event wristbands made of material or our woven wristbands are of particularly high quality.

-  Tyvek® event wristbands: Tyvek® wristbands feel like paper, however the material is tear-proof and water-resistant. From classy to striking – we offer admittance wristbands in many colours – printable or unprinted. They are permanently secured with an adhesive fastening and can therefore only be used once. The wristbands have a number printed on them: one on the wrist band itself and one on the perforated part, which is easy to rip off, making it ideal for cloakrooms or raffles.

-  Vinyl event wristbands: vinyl wristbands consist of a three-layer, soft plastic which is comfortable to wear – even for several days. The material is hypoallergenic, tear-proof and water-resistant. The wristbands are secured with a type of snap fastener, which cannot be reopened; so they can only be worn once. The admission wristbands are available either printed or unprinted.

- Fabric event wristbands, printed: these event wristbands feel pleasantly light and velvety on the skin. They are extremely sturdy and tear-proof. The satin wrist band in the basic colour white is made of 100% polyester and is printed in four colours by the online printing shop.

-  Woven event wristbands made of fabric are perfect for outdoor events. Thanks to the woven fabric they are not only comfortable to wear, but also extremely stylish. You won’t find a better festival feel. The high-quality, woven event wristbands are a must for event organisers who value quality and a lasting impression.

-  Fabric event wristbands, woven with metallic colours: each of your guests will feel like a VIP with a shiny metallic, woven event wrist band around their wrist. The lurex thread ensures a metallic shine. Choose between up to eight interwoven colours including gold and silver. Your guests will love this admission wrist band.

The right combination: which products do your admission wristbands go best with?

Deciding to print wristbands with a particular logo or design is only one part of a strategy. There are essential accessories that can make your event much much better. If you decide, for instance, on the aluminium clasps for event wristbands made of fabric, then order the suitable binding piece  for closing the aluminium seal. The binding piece is made of steel and the handles are covered with a blue plastic. You can thus fasten your guests’ wristbands securely and without much effort.
Give your guests a sparkling drink for the road directly after putting on their wrist band. You can print cans easily in your desired layout, thus ensuring they are truly eye-catching and setting your guests up for a perfect start to your event.