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Printed shopping bags: Your message, to go

Printed shopping bags are the best promotional product out there. Package your products professionally in high quality shopping bags and make sure your customers carry your message or logo wherever they go, attracting even more customers. Use them for the clothing from your store, promotional gifts at trade fairs or - given that the colours and glues we use are 100% food-safe - the products from your restaurant or deli. Different versions are available for any occasion. Choose from various types of paper with differently coloured handles or cords. Or why not choose our durable cotton fabric bags that can also be customised?

We have a range of paper and fabric bags, personalised or unprinted. Choose the one that works best for you!

Five different fabric shopping bags variants are available to you. Sizes range from the small 1 litre size, up to the XXL shopping bag. Our fabric version is available in different colours and can also be printed by our online printing company. Use the right shopping bag to ensure that your products are packaged stylishly in high-quality. Choose from the following...

Paper bags:

  • Our basic printed shopping bag comes in white or brown, and is available with flat handles or with a matching coloured paper cord handle.
  • Our classic shopping bag is made from 170gsm plain kraft paper, and is available with coloured soft cord handles in a range of colours - white, black, blue, red or grey. Choose the cord colour that best suits your corporate design.
  • Our 190gsm reinforced paper bag has a fine varnished look, is printable all over and has a soft plastic cord. The coated paper makes for bright, saturated colours, so that your print catches the eye. Our online printing shop also laminates the outside of the shopping bags for better protection. After all, we want your customers to be able to enjoy using their shopping bags for as long possible and to be able to keep their purchases safe and dry until they reach their destination, even when it rains.
  • You can also order unprinted 190gsm glossy white paper bags from us online. Simply select the cord colour and you’re ready to submit your order.
  • Heavyweight: the XXL bag measures 54 x 14 x 45cm and is designed for load of between seven and nine kilograms. Our bags will fit plenty of clothes, delicacies or cosmetic products, for example.

Fabric bags:

  • Our fabric printed shopping bags are available in various colours. Equipped with two long, practical handles, the shopping bags can be carried either by hand or over the shoulder. The fabric bag is printable online on one side in your desired design and available from quantities of 50 and upwards.
  • As the fabric bags have a longer lifetime than the paper bags, they are more often reused by your customers and your logo therefore reaches an even wider audience.

The right combination: Which products do the printed shopping bags go best with?

  • For unprinted shopping bags, we recommend enclosing flyer printing or business card printing.This provides the customer an overview of all important information, such as discounts, address, opening times or webshop. Post cards are of course also suitable: Select an interesting variant from our format templates and use it for a marketing campaign!
  • One last little tip: To prevent a gust of wind from blowing the customer’s purchases away, it is best to also order a sticker printed with your company logo. A silver closure is very classy and gives customers the feeling of unwrapping a present when they open the bag.