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Range of

Our display systems are perfect assistants for events and exhibitions. No matter whether they need to be space-saving, flexible or weatherproof, we do provide the appropriate one for every purpose. Just have a look at our new systems:

X-banner mini: small, but hip

If you claim high standards on small systems, than this display system is what you are looking for. It fits on every table and is pretty suitable to advertise in confined space.

The bamboo rods have a weight of no more than 50 grams and can be mounted and stored in no time.

Das X-banner mini comes with 500g PVC-banner, which can be printed with your desired design.

X-banner: multilateral advertising medium

Most of all, our X-banner is very flexible

Where other display systems are limited to a specific size, our X-banner can be set up with different print formats up to a size of 100 x 220 cm.

Due to its flexible bars made of aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastic, the X-banner is a real light-weight.

It can easily be carried in a transportation bag, which makes them perfect for usage on the way.

Roll-Up Duo outdoor:
faces any wind and weather

Get out. Breathe in. Take along your presentation.

Set up your banner and impress. Brave the weather. Our Roll-Up Duo Outdoor has been designed for moments like these.

You can choose different prints for the front and back side of the Roll-Up Set up your banner and impress. Brave the weather.

The Roll-Up Duo outdoor has been designed for moments like these. Duo Outdoor.