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Card holders

Discover our personalised card holders

Keep your cards together in a personalised card holder

Have you ever thought of ordering card holders made of paper rather than plastic?

Use our environmentally-friendly and rigid paper holders, just as you would conventional plastic card sleeves: they make great credit card holders, chic packaging for voucher cards or hotel room key cards. The sleeves are great ways to advertise - just print your logo on them, or cover the entire sleeve with your design. Our fold out holders give you that little bit extra space, you can add a message inside. A voucher code, information about discounts, or the opening times of your store or hotel restaurant - theres space for everything! The sleeves also pretect the card inside. They come in standard sizes, so they fit perfectly into envelopes and work well as packaging for greeting cards, concert tickets or admission tickets.

From business cards to longer formats, we have it all!

We have various versions for you to choose from in our range: card holders with a slipcase or in a fold-out version, either in business card or standard sizes. We make both the slipcase and the fold-out versions in 300gsm coated paper quality with a matt dispersion varnish. This gives the card holders a high-quality look, while the rigid paper keeps the contents well protected. Our print shop supplies punched, grooved, seam bound and closed sleeves - with a minimum order of just 100 units.

Business card holders:
  • Business card sizes holders are our classic card protecting product. Take cards in and out at ease. They measure in at 9 x 6cm, making them great cases for gift certificates, coupon sheets, hotel room key cards and bonus or loyalty cards.

Folded card envelopes:
  • Choose one of four possible products, depending on where you want to. The interior of the fold-out sleeves can also be printed, giving you more space for additional design and text ideas.

Standard sized card holders:
  • Standard sized card holders are great, whether you want to store invitations, gift certificates, greeting cards or admission tickets - this product lets you package longer content stylishly and securely, and also fits perfectly into an envelope.
  • Folded DL size card holders are 21.4cm x 10.4cm and fit perfectly into envelopes. The fold-out version gives you total design freedom.

The right combination: which products go great with our card holders?

You can order matching business cards for our business card sized sleeves here, online. We stock these in colours randing from plain white to dazzling silver, and can include a signature field and magnetic strip, numbering and a punched hole, depending on what you need. The possible uses are endless: use the cards as membership cards, voucher cards or as a small calendar, for example. Do you need invitations for your DL card holders? Find the perfect product, keeping with your prand, in our greeting cards section.