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Table Tents

Nicely placed: custom printed boxes for tables, bar counter and counters

Print custom printed boxes online at your online printing company. We offer you three different versions for placing on restaurant tables, sales counters or bar counters: Our classic tent-shaped table tent lets you advertise on two sides. Our triangular prism-shaped table tents and pyramids even offer three sides for your most important information.

1. The tall one: classic table display

With its height of 16 cm, our table tent is sure to draw attention. Use table displays in your restaurant or your pub to highlight special offers and seasonal specials. It allows you to easily complement your menu, without having to directly expand it. As an alternative, you can have the custom printed boxes with your chef’s recommendation or your barkeeper’s favourite cocktail recipe. Printing an event’s programme on a table tent will ensure it is visible to your guests at all times.

Additional products for restaurant tables, bar counter and counters can be found in our catering products category. There we have listed all our products for restaurateurs and hoteliers: In addition to print products for the table, you will also find outdoor and indoor products, giveaways, advertising media, event supplies and everything related to clothing and service.

2. The varied one: triangular prism-shaped table tent

Our triangular prism-shaped table tent is available in two different sizes: 8 x 14.8cm (small) and 12 x 30cm (tall - about as high as A4). The three custom designed surfaces are a great way, for example, to list prices for your services. Printing a year’s calendar across the table tent makes it an fun and creative alternative to our table or desk calendars.

3. The fancy one: pyramid-shaped table tent

Thanks to its unusual shape, you can count on the pyramid-shaped table tent - and your advertising on it - to attract the full attention of your customers and guests. The custom printed box will also look good on your shop’s windowsill or display window.

Print table tents on three different materials

Have your table tents printed online while selecting one of three materials. These types of paper are available for all three table display versions:

Silverstar® with metallic effect

Material with a silvery-shiny, reflective front side and a white, matt back side. Perfect in trendy pubs, in hip bars or retail outlets, such as in the hair salon. The brighter the colours, the greater the metallic effect. All colourless surfaces look silver.


Type of paper with a pearly-white, metallic front side and a white, matt back side. All colourless surfaces look pearly-white. Welcoming, refined and elegant - making it ideal for starred restaurants or fashion shops.

Coated paper with varnish or film lamination

Coated paper with a smooth surface. To protect against dirt, scratches and yellowing, we provide the paper with one of three finishes: Dispersion varnish ensures a smooth, even feel and more saturated colours. Obtain even more brilliance with glossy UV varnish, which produces the strongest effect of all the coatings. Matt film lamination protects against moisture, cracks and creases.

Print boxes & table tents: tips and tricks

All our table displays are punched, grooved and delivered open. They are easy to fold together, put together and stand up. When creating your print file, please note that tuck flaps and certain surfaces are not visible after assembly. Avoid putting any important information on such areas! For precise information on the non-visible areas, please refer to the data sheet of your desired table tent. You will also find a layout template here. Do not forget to remove it before writing the print data; then everything will fit and you can print your table tent.

Print boxes for flyers and folded leaflets, etc.

If you would like to flyer printing and are looking for a perfect storage option for them, your leaflets or postcards, you can order our boxes, which are printable all the way around. Our type 1 card box accommodates advertising media in A6, A5, DL and DL plus. Our type 2 card box accommodates postcards and flyers (A6). Both boxes are made of high quality, highly durable SBS board.

Our customizable notepad incl. box is made of the same material. It has room for 900 notepads (included). The box is delivered to you already assembled and only needs to be unfolded.