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Badges and buttons

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Personalised badges and buttons: pocket advertising

Looking for something small to give your customers, with a big impact? These cool buttons can be adapted for many purposes and kitted out with fun functions, making them your perfect promotional gift. Everyone loves them! Design a set of buttons to add to your staff uniform and build team spirit! We can also turn these little buttons into a variety of other products - fridge magnets, bottle openers or even a small mirror, all with your design.ul design. They also work well at trade fairs and other corporate events - or even just send them to individual customers. Whatever you choose, you are bound to get your message out to a huge new audience.

Which kind of button would you like to print? Choose your favourite!

These little circular adverts can be ordered as four different products: classic badges, bottle openers on a keychain, fridge magnets or handy pocket mirrors. Choose your favourites and print them with your design.

  • The badges have a safety pin, and can be pinned to clothes or bags. We print these on 90gsm silk coated paper, and film coat them for extra protection. Just upload your design and we will get printing!
  • Put a smile on your customers' faces. The buttons also make useful mini bottle openers - the film coated metal button can be kitted out with a bottle opener on the back. Put them on a keychain and your customers will always have one to hand. There is plenty of space for your design on the front of the product.
  • Turn the buttons into mirrors for another handy promotional gift! We supply buttons with a small genuine glass mirror in the back. These come in three different sizes, guaranteed to fit into any handbag or pocket.
  • Our fridge magnets stick to all metals - but most people use them on whiteboards and fridges. Print them with a fun image or your company logo and create a useful gift which advertises right at your customer's eye level. These magnets come in a credit card size, and have a minimum order of just 100 units.

The right combination: which products do your buttons go best with?

Ship creatively: want to post your promotional gifts? Then why not have a look at our packaging section? Our small wrap box is ideal for buttons and fridge magnets. They come in a range of colours and patterns - just fill them up and send them off!