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Business as usual: our printing presses are still running, our orders are being sent on time and you can still contact our team on the phone or via email.

Promotional products

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Promotional products and branded corporate gifts

It's better to give than to receive, so it’s been said: especially if it’s about your promotional merchandise and your advertising products. Professional marketers know that promotional products give an advertising advantage to their brands. Get your logo out there on promotional items to promote your company and its products.

Branded merchandise for your company

Trade fairs, conferences, congresses, concerts – whatever – promotional products advertising your company logo are key to standing out from the crowd and attracting attention.

  • We have the promotional products to suit your needs. Our branded merchandise will scratch your marketing itch. Just ask us! Our promotional items specialists are ready and waiting to advise you of your best choices – for any event, for any budget. Just kick back, have a drink from that branded water bottle and let us get to work on your advertising products.
  • Stand out from the crowd! If everyone else is doing promotional giveaways of bottle openers, make your promotional gift something else – say a beautifully personalised coffee mug! How about confectionary, car accessories, electronics, office supplies, cosmetics or tools? Not to mention promotional merchandise such as buttons, lighters, folded flyers and roll-ups.
  • Fine tune your promotional products to the audience: Do they want electronic products, customized pens, trolley coins, personalised stress balls, keyrings, useful tools, or maybe something eco-friendly? Maybe even coasters, magnets, branded thermal mugs or USB flash drives?
  • Don’t forget to put on a show! We offer not just the company branded merchandise, the corporate swag, but also catering tools and party pushers such as flags or balloons.
  • We are a large, renowned supplier of promotional products – come to us for the best advice, the best promotional products, and the best printed products as well – from stickers to flyers to leaflets, posters, logo-printed envelopes and more. Our online print shop guarantees best print quality.
  • Fast, top-quality, cheap: promotional products

    No need to strain your budget on promotional products. We offer you the right promotional products in top quality:

    • Free data check and shipping!
    • Fast, efficient production!
    • Even overnight and same-day deliveries are possible!
    • Talk to us today! Pick up the phone, send us an email, type at us in the customer chat. And hey – what about those branded water bottles? You’ll not find a better offer of business promotional or branded merchandise or corporate gifts anywhere!

      FLYERALARM is there – for you!

      Do you need more information, do you have questions, do you need any support in choosing wide format prints and POS displays? Our team is all too happy to help.

      • By telephone: our team is ready to advise and to serve you Mondays-to-Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm. We are ready and willing to take your call.
      • Call-back service: just give us a number and a time (Mondays-to-Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm) to phone you. We’ll get on it, and you’ll lose no time.