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Placemats – protect tables while sharing memories or displaying information

Placemats serve multiple purposes. Not only do they protect your table, they can be used for advertising, as menus or marketing material, to provide information at a front desk, for special occasions and events or as mementos for dining at home. They can also be given as gifts. With FLYERALARM, designing placemats is a breeze. Choose from our many A4 format design templates in order to create the perfect placemat for your personal or business needs. The process is user-friendly, and can be done entirely online. Table mat printing is easy with FLYERALARM.

Business – present services at a glance

Placemats and table mats are perfect for businesses that need to display information at a glance. Placemats are perfect for front desks, or can be used as menus for restaurants or as part of catering equipment. They also make great promotional materials. With FLYERALARM’s online design tool, they are easy to create too. To design placemats and table mats with FLYERALARM, choose a template, add the images and information that will make your business stand out, then print. Placemat printing with FLYERALARM is that simple!

Let us print your placemats...

  • ...if you run a restaurant or catering business and would like a creative menu display.
  • ...if your bank, car dealership, hotel or other service-oriented business could benefit from better front desk displays.
  • ...if you want to create long-lasting educational materials for children’s schools.
  • ...if you are looking for innovative promotional and marketing materials.
  • ...if you want to present your services in a highly sophisticated, professional manner.
  • Personal – create a fun mealtime environment for family and friends

    FLYERALARM is also the perfect online print shop for personal applications. Print placemats for special occasions, like big birthdays or weddings. Guests will enjoy taking home a creative gift that’s both practical and a memento of the big day. You can also print personalised table mats to spice up family dinners. Design table mats for kids with their favourite cartoon characters, animals or special memories. Or create a tradition by serving festive meals on personalised placemats. Friends, family and guests will love it! Table mat printing allows for your special moments to be shared in a unique, visually appealing way. Print table mats quickly and professionally with FLYERALARM; we do not skimp on quality.

    Let us print your placemats...

    • ...if you would like to give a special, memorable gift.
    • ...if you would like to create personal table mats for fun family dinners.
    • ...if you want to give your wedding or party guests a creative memento.

    FLYERALARM is your printing partner

    If you’re looking for a reliable online printing house to handle your printing project professionally and quickly, FLYERALARM is the place for you. We offer all types of print products – more than three million in total. We will also be happy to give you individual advice on your project. Simply give us a call, chat with one of our customer representatives or send us an email. We look forward to becoming your printing service provider.