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Letterhead paper templates: easy to design with long-lasting effects

Are you still printing your professional letters on plain white paper? Why not design your own letterhead and kit out that paper with an effective advert! It is important to use every surface possible to get your message out there - and a letter offers lots of space to print advertising targeted at your clients and potential future loyal customers. Does designing your own graphics sound too complicated or time-consuming? Never fear - FLYERALARM is here! With a clever and easy-to use online design interface to help you quickly create top-quality designs for your letterhead.

The programme includes a range of design templates for you to choose from - for single or double sided paper. Simply upload any images or logos you want to include, add text, symbols and any other effects and arrange it as you please! And voilà! Your paper is ready to print with a letterhead.

The paper itself is classic. Printed only on top-quality A4 90gsm white paper - this combination is perfect for use in any office and guaranteed to perfectly complement any standard envelopes, folders and other stationery you might have

Stationery: key to written communication

Stationery, including personalised letterhead paper, has long been vital to written communication, both professional and generally. In fact, the first historical example of a headed letter comes from around 2,500 BC and the first printed one being from Abraham Lincoln's reelection campaign in 1860 - that's a lot of years of letterhead printing!