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General information on placing an order

  • Artwork alterations

    You can upload new artwork for an existing order via your customer account as long as the order status has not changed to „files go into print“.

    Further information can be found in the FAQ’s under Customer account + functions

  • Artwork transmission


    You have the following options to transmit your artwork:


    Per upload

    You can upload files up to a size of max. 1GB. The upload can be made either by using the link in the order confirmation or through your customer account.


    By mail

    The artwork can be sent by mail on CD/DVD (please mention order number on data media) to the following address:


    44 Southampton Buildings,
    United Kingdom
    WC2A 1AP


    Please note:

    You can send us the artwork for several orders on one CD/DVD. In this case, please create a file for each order number and save the corresponding artwork in the respective file. Only then a clear allocation can be guaranteed.
    Self-printed proofs and attached comments will not be taken into consideration.

  • Changing the billing address

    You can change the billing address via your customer account as long as the order has not yet reached the status „files in press“. From this status on changes can be made by email to info@flyeralarm.co.uk


    Further information can be found in the FAQ’s under '"Customer account & functions".

  • Changing the delivery and/or sender’s address

    You can change the delivery and/or sender’s address via your customer account as long the order status is no further than „print in further processing“.

    Further information can be found in the FAQ’s under Customer account + functions.

  • Exchanging the artwork

    You can upload new files in your customer account for the existing order as long as the order status does not switch to "Files go into print".

    Find more details in the FAQs under '"Customer account & functions - Artwork alterations".

  • Forgot your password?

    Please click on "Password forgotten" in the login section. Now enter the email address you registered with. Within the next few minutes you will receive an email where you can create a new password. Please click on the link in this email to enter a new password. Once done, you will receive a confirmation that your password has been changed successfully.

  • How to configure your order

    • Follow the steps and select a product feature by clicking on it
    • Select a quantity and delivery service for your product. Click on the correct price in the table
    • In the "Your product" column you can check which options you have selected
    • Under "Options" you can select any additional services: e.g. professional data check or products such as wall mounting mechanisms
    • If there are no options available for your product, you will just see the price table
    • Finally, you can name your order, choose how to transfer your file and place the product in your shopping basket
    • Please do not forget to download the product-specific data sheet - it is very important in helping you design your print file

  • Login

    After your registration, you can log in with your email address and password at any time to make an order or to check your customer account.

    Please select „Stay logged in“, if your computer should remain logged in. This option is not recommended when using a public or shared computer.

  • Make a claim

    If you have reason to make a complaint, you can do this in your customer account under the action menu. Please enter your reason for making a complaint and your desired solution.

    This will be checked by our Quality Assurance team, who will contact you to let you know how we will move forward.

  • Order cancellation

    You can call up your order with just one click under "Orders” in your customer account. Click "Cancel order" in the action menu of the order. Once you have confirmed the cancellation, the order status of each order in your purchase changes to "Order cancelled in advance". The order processing is stopped immediately.

    Orders that are already in production can no longer be cancelled
    Once an order of your purchase order has reached the job status "Data being sent to printer" or "Data now being printed”, you may no longer cancel your order.

    Do you want to cancel due to incorrect print data?
    Cancellation is not necessarily required here. Simply re-upload your corrected printing data via your customer account.
  • Order status

    Your order status will show you the production phase that your order is in. It informs you, for example, about your data check results or reminds you to grant your approval for printing. Your order status always changes when your order enters the next stage of production. The levels can be completed very rapidly, with the result that your order status can also change very quickly. You can view your current order status in your customer account under "Orders".

    The status of your order can be found in the following overview.

    Order placed

    You have ordered your desired product. Your order has therefore been received by us and can be viewed from this point on in your customer account under "Orders".

    Files received
    We have received your printing files for your order. Your data will be checked according to the data check you have selected. The result of the data check is still pending at this time.

    Files missing

    Your printing data for your order has not yet been received. Your order can therefore not be processed. You will automatically receive by email the request to upload your files. Please keep in mind that missing printing data affects your delivery date.


    Data check OK

    Your data check was successful. Your files are printable. You will receive the result of your print data check automatically by email.
    Release printing approval:
    • after a positive print-data check, you must give us your approval for printing, if for your order you have
    • chosen the professional data check option
    • chosen the basic data check with the data-check-plus function
    If you have you opted in advance for the basic data check or the professional data check with optional print release, the print release is automatically granted by us.

    Erroneous files
    Our data check has revealed that your print data does not comply with our requirements and can therefore not be printed. You will receive the result of your print data check automatically by email.
    Cancellation is not necessarily required here. Simply re-upload your corrected printing data via your customer account.

    Printing approval released
    The printing approval has been released. Your print data will be automatically forwarded to the printing production.

    Print release is missing
    You have received the result of your print data inspection but have still not granted print release. Until you grant the release, your order cannot be processed further. As a result, your delivery time may be extended accordingly. The print release by you is required, if as part of your order you have
    • chosen the professional data check option
    • chosen the basic data check with the data-check-plus function

    Files go into press
    Your print data has been automatically forwarded to print preparation. The printing plates for your order have been created. For that reason, with this order status you can no longer

    • upload new print data
    • cancel your order

    Files in print
    Your order is being produced. For that reason, with this order status you can no longer

    • upload new print data
    • cancel your order

    Please note:
    The invoice address cannot be modified once this status is reached.

    Print in further processing

    Your order is printed and is being further processed. For that reason, with this order status you can no longer
    • upload new print data
    • cancel your order

    Dispatch preparation
    Your order is complete and has been picked up at our premises for shipping by UPS. Once your shipment is registered with UPS, you will be notified directly by UPS via email and will also receive your tracking number to allow you to track your shipment online.
    Delivery and pick-up at a store or partner shop:
    you will also be notified by us via email once your shipment arrives in one of our shops or partner shops.

    Please note:
    The delivery or sender's address cannot be modified once this status is reached.

    Order cancelled
    Your order has been cancelled. You will receive more information by email.

  • Order tracking

    You can track the status of your order in your customer account.
    Further information can be found in the FAQs under '"Customer account & functions".

  • Payment options

    If you choose to pay by PayPal, you will be automatically directed to PayPal’s encrypted website and returned to this website once you have completed your payment. We accept PayPal payments possible up to a total amount of £6,000.00 incl. VAT per order. Data security is ensured using SSL encryption.

    BACS (Bank) Transfer
    Please transfer the total amount, including VAT, to our account. Our bank details will be displayed at the end of the order. You can also find them on your order confirmation.

    Please note:
    • The production of your order begins one day after receipt of payment to our account.
    • The receipt of payment may take two to three banking days after you submit your payment at your bank.
    • Please consider this with respect to delivery time.
    • You will be notified of the receipt of payment by e-mail.
    Our bank account details:
    flyeralarm ltd.
    Account no.: 30286930
    Sort code: 40-62-01
    Commerzbank AG, London Branch

    For international bank transfers please use the following bank account:

    flyeralarm ltd. IBAN: GB95 COBA 4062 0130 2869 30
    Commerzbank AG, London Branch

    Credit card
    FLYERALARM accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Data security is ensured using SSL encryption, which means you enter your data on an external page of your bank. We accept credit card payments up to a total amount of £3520.00 incl. VAT per order. If you choose to pay by credit card, your account will be charged when your order is received. After you have successfully entered your credit card information, it can take up to 15 minutes for the payment transfer to complete.

  • Placing an order

    Choose your product

    Once you have found the product of your dreams, you can configure it step-by-step. The configuration wizard takes you through all the steps in building the product’s parameters, such as layout, number of pages, material, finish. You can then stipulate the number of units/print run using the pricing table at the end of the configuration process. Find out more in our Configuring products section.

    Download datasheet

    Download the datasheet now and create your print file according to the details it specifies.

    Choose options

    Many products offer practical additional options, such as seams, eyelets, bindings, rounded corners or carbon offsetting. You can also select a free basic data check or opt for the professional data check.

    Once that is done, you can enter a name for your order (optional – just for your information) and tell us how you want to send us the data or file. You then click on “Add to basket”. You can order up to 10 different articles (independent of number of units) in each shopping basket.

    Delivery options and completing the purchase

    Select the desired shipping method and double-check the delivery address. Read and accept the General Terms and Conditions and your cancellation rights. The order can only be completed when you declare your acceptance of the terms. Then click on “Buy now”. You will receive our order confirmation in your email. You can access the Data Upload page directly by clicking on “Upload a print file”.

  • Registration

    To register as new customer please click on "log in" on the top right hand side and fill out the registration form. Please enter a password with at least 8 characters, of which 2 are numbers or special characters. You will then receive an email confirming your successful registration with FLYERALARM.

  • Shortening delivery times

    It is not possible to speed up your order. Short production and delivery times can only be achieved by selecting the express or overnight option.

  • VAT zero-rated products

    Books and booklets
    These normally consist of text or illustrations, bound in a cover stiffer than their pages. They may be printed in any language or characters (including Braille or shorthand), photocopied, typed or hand-written, so long as they are found in book or booklet form.
    Supplies of any of the following are zero-rated:

    • literary works
    • reference books
    • directories and catalogues
    • antique books
    • collections of letters or documents permanently bound in covers
    • loose-leaf books, manuals or instructions, whether complete with their binder or not, and
    • amendments to zero-rated loose-leaf books, even if issued separately.

    School work books and other educational texts in question and answer format, are zero-rated because the spaces provided for the insertion of answers are incidental to the essential character of the book or booklet. The same applies to exam papers in question and answer format provided they qualify as books, booklets, brochures, pamphlets or leaflets.

    But supplies of the following are standard-rated:

    • books of plans or drawings for industrial, architectural, engineering, commercial or similar purposes
    • picture card and stamp albums, unless they contain a substantial amount of reading matter which is complete in itself, and no more than 25% of the album is set aside for the mounting of cards and stamps
    • completed stamp albums, and
    • products that are essentially stationery items, for example, diaries and address books.

    Brochures and pamphlets
    These are not defined in law and whether a particular product qualifies as a brochure or pamphlet is a matter of fact and impression.
    Brochures usually consist of several sheets of reading matter fastened or folded together, which are not necessarily bound in covers. They usually contain advertising material in the form of text or illustrations.
    Pamphlets are similar, but are usually comprised of material of a political, social or intellectual nature.
    Single sheet brochures and 'Wallet' type brochures designed with a flap may be zero-rated provided they:

    • convey information, and
    • contain a substantial amount of text, with some indication of contents or of the issuing organisation, and
    • are not primarily designed to hold other items, and
    • are supplied complete.

    These are also not defined in law and again whether a particular product qualifies as a leaflet is a matter of fact and impression. Leaflets normally:

    • consist of a single sheet of paper not greater than international standard A4 in size (larger publications up to A2 size can be zero-rated provided that they are printed on both sides, folded down to A4 size or smaller and meet the other conditions)
    • are intended to be held in the hand for reading by individuals (rather than for hanging up for general display)
    • convey information
    • are complete (and not a part work)
    • are supplied in sufficient quantity (at least 50 copies) to permit general distribution
    • are printed on limp paper, and
    • will either be of an ephemeral nature (designed to be read a few times and then thrown away) or be designed to accompany some other product or service, for example an instruction leaflet.

    Items printed on stiff paper and card are not automatically excluded from the definition of leaflets. However we do regard the use of stiff paper and card as an indicator that the items have a function which would exclude them.
    For example if the item’s main function were designed to be kept or used for a specific purpose in its own right, rather as ancillary to another supply, it would not be a leaflet. Examples of items that would not be leaflets would be those designed to be used for any of the following:

    • as a calendar
    • to obtain admission to premises
    • to obtain a discount on goods or services
    • as reference material, or
    • for completion or return

    We consider that items printed on laminated paper are designed to be kept and therefore not leaflets. On the other hand, orders of service are not normally designed to be kept and may be zero-rated.

    Further information about VAT zero rated products can be found here.

  • Vouchers

    FLYERALARM vouchers can only be redeemed at www.flyeralarm.com/uk - in the last step of your order. Special vouchers have a minimum order value and you can only use one voucher per order.

    Vouchers are distributed through promotions, have limited time availability and will be no longer valid once the expiration date has passed. Voucher time limits or values cannot be extended or exchanged for cash. Only one voucher per order can be used and vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

    Some of our vouchers are only valid for certain products or product ranges. Corresponding offers are only valid whilst stock lasts. When vouchers are used, rights to refunds, substitutions, extra vouchers and/or price reductions are void.

    Vouchers can give a fixed value discount, as well as a percentage discount from the total amount. Percentage discount vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with Monthly Specials. They are also not valid for use on the discounting of payment processing charges, where applicable.

Data check

  • Artwork preview

    During the data check process, the system generates low resolution images from your files*

    You can verify the following elements of your artwork with the help of these preview images.
    • artwork layout
    • contents
    • the relative size of all elements
    • page sequence

    The data preview is available 14 days in your customer account after a successful data check. After 14 days your preview data will be deleted automatically.

    There are four data preview options: data overview, picture preview, flash preview and cut-out preview.

    At the moment, the image preview is available for almost all products.* For multiple page products you can additionally choose a flash preview for interactive page flip. (A flash player is required to use this function.) A cut-out preview is available for the product category folders. This option will visualise how your artwork layout fits into the respective stamped form.

    The data preview uniquely serves the purpose of simulating the finished print result. It is not colour accurate because neither colour mode CMYK, nor special colours as well as finishings can be displayed. The output to a monitor is always in RGB colour mode. Even the resolution does not correspond to your original file. The artwork preview cannot be compared with a proof/plot! 
    * Except for adhesive bound products
  • Basic data check

    All files uploaded will be checked free of charge for certain criteria, according to our basic data check. In case your artwork is not printable you will be notified by email. Should the data be erroneous, you can upload the adjusted files via your customer account.
    If the data check shows no errors, your files will be approved automatically and go immediately into press.*

    The basic data check includes:
    • checking whether the file dimensions are correct
    • checking whether all fonts are embedded
    • checking the files for encryptions (e.g. password protection)
    • checking for damaged files
    • checking whether the number of pages is correct (excludes numbering or page order control)
    • checking whether correct number of spot colours/colour channels is applied (applies to products strictly requiring a special spot colour/number of colour channels

    * As an option, the automated printing approval can be delayed by selecting manual print approval just before uploading your files on the upload side (except for adhesive bound products)
  • Professional data check

    You can buy the professional data check with every order as an additional service. 

    The professional data check includes:
    • checking whether the file dimensions are correct
    • checking whether all fonts are embedded
    • checking the files for encryptions (e.g. password protection)
    • checking for damaged files
    • checking whether the number of pages is correct (excludes numbering or page order control)
    • checking whether correct number of spot colours/colour channels is applied (applies to products requiring a special spot colour/number of colour channels
    • checking of the correct colour space
    • checking of the correct resolution
    • checking whether white elements with activated overprint setting are being used
    • full-tone colours, OPI-comments, PDF layers (optional content), transparencies and/or JPG2000 images are being used.

    You will be notified about the professional data check results per email.

    When the artwork files match the FLYERALARM requirements, the order has to be released via your customer account. Only then will your order be printed. In case your files do not correspond to our artwork requirements you will receive an email with an error description and the instruction to correct your files and to upload them again. If you only receive notifications (slight differences) you can either upload new files or confirm the uploaded files in your customer account. For the latter, we do not assume any liability for the print result.

    If you give your printing approval in advance (can be selected at the upload side before uploading your files) your order will be printed immediately if your files correspond to our artwork requirements or only show slight differences (notifications). Unprintable files (errors) will, of course, not be printed even if the printing approval has been given in advance.

    The indicated delivery times start with the receipt of your printable artwork or your printing approval. The delivery date for orders with erroneous files can therefore be delayed.

    The costs for the professional data check depend on the product (from £ 5.00 net/ £ 6.00 gross). You will find the information in the order options for each product.


  • Contact with foodstuffs

    We use materials, inks and coatings that are not always suitable for direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs. Products that can safely come into contact with foodstuffs (such as paper cups) are labelled accordingly.
  • Sublimation print

    The sublimation print is a printing method with water-based colours which are sublimated into the printing material. This procedure distinguishes itself due to the high colour luminosity and durability.

  • Thermo setting

    The thermo setting is a finishing process for fibres and textiles. The material is submitted to a heat treatment and will therefore shrink. This state is retained in order to prevent the product shrinking at a later stage and avoid any unwanted changes with regard to the dimensions.


  • Alpha channels

  • Bleed

    The bleed is the part of the artwork that overlaps the border of the finished format. The bleed is necessary to achieve a bled-off print. In the further processing the bleed will be cut off. Please do not mix up the bleed with the edge distance.

  • Clipping path

  • Colour profiles

    Delivered print data must always be saved with a colour profile. For the best possible colour results, please use the “ISO Coated V2” (ECI) profile for advertising products. For any other products, please use the “ISO Coated V2 300%” (ECI) profile. Your data is optimised and processed by our internal Colour Management according to the PSO standard regarding the print material selected. There may be differences in colour despite optimisation if your colours come in alternative colour spaces.

    You can find more information at Druckdaten.
  • Conversion at FLYERALARM

    Conversion is the transformation of a JPEG or TIF file into a printable PDF.

    Let us convert your JPEG or TIF document/file. Additional charge: £27.00 net / £32.40 gross.

    You can order this service in the order options where applicable.

  • Font sizes

    Font sizes of less than 6 pt should be avoided.
    • Flat hot foil stamping

      Create font size with at least 14 pt - line width must be at least 1 mm.

    • Self-inking rubber stamp

      Create font size with at least 7 pt - line width must be at least 0.4 mm.

    • Partial UV varnish

      Create font size with at least 12 pt - line width must be at least 0.7 mm.

    • Relief varnish

      Create font size with at least 12 pt; line width must be at least 1 mm.

    • Opaque white (private label drink):

          Create font size with at last 6 pt; line width must be at least 0.4 mm.

    • Event wristbands

          Create type size with at least 10 pt; the thinnest line must be at least 0.18 mm thick

    • Paperclips

          Create type size with at least 3 pt, font height at least 0.6 mm for lower letters


    • Lanyards

          Font size: at least 14pt. The line width has to be at least 1.0 mm.



  • Frames of a PDF file

    A PDF file can contain different frames. The ideal case (for the artwork transmission) is when MediaBox, CropBox and BleedBox (artwork format) match and the TrimBox (finished format) is correspondingly smaller. BleedBox and TrimBox are mandatory components of the PDF/X-3:2002 Standard which is required by us. The TrimBox is decisive for the correct placing of the file.  
    - MediaBox
    The MediaBox defines the size of the output medium and the media frame of the PDF document. The document is not bled yet and it usually has the PostScript page size which was created in the PDF generator. The MediaBox always has to be the biggest of all boxes since it has to include all other boxes (described below). It is the only box which a PDF always has to contain.
    - CropBox
    The CropBox describes the area of a PDF side which is supposed to be shown on the screen/printer. The values of the MediaBox are preset. 
    - BleedBox (at FLYERALARM: artwork format)
    A BleedBox contains information regarding the bleed frame which defines the size of the finished format plus the required bleed. At FLYERALARM usually a bleed of 1 mm on each side is required. An example are images which are placed in the bleed (directly at the edge). For an A4 that is transmitted to FLYERALARM therefore a BleedBox of 210 mm + 2 mm and 297 mm + 2 mm = 212 mm x 299 mm results when adding 1 mm bleed. The values of the CropBox are preset. 
    - TrimBox (at FLYERALARM: finished format)
    The TrimBox is the finished format of a PDF-file without bleed and is also called "frame of finished format". 
  • Graphic frames and outlines

    Frames and outlines around a motif should show a minimum width of 4 mm from the edge of the artwork format.

  • How to create black

    • Black and grey objects

          like e.g. fonts or lines must always be created in pure black.


          cyan 0%, magenta 0%, yellow 0%, black 60%


          cyan 0%, magenta 0%, yellow 0%, black 100%

    • Deep black

      For black areas a deep black can be achieved by adding colour components.
      Example: cyan 60%, magenta 40%, yellow 20%, black 100%
      Colour components can be added until the maximum colour saturation is reached.
      This is not recommendable for fonts and lines, because inaccurancies can occur.

  • Image editing programmes

    Artwork that has been created in an image editing programme such as Photshop can only be sent as TIF or JPG file. Please flatten image. Alpha channels and clipping paths are not allowed. This also applies to Photoshop files which have been placed in a layout programme. Detailed information can be found under the point Artwork creation.

  • Layers

  • Line widths

    For positive lines (dark lines on bright background) a width of at least 0.25 pt (0.9mm) should be used. For negative lines (bright lines on dark background) a line width of at least 0.5 pt (0.18 mm). Please note: Please note: the width of the lines may be substantially reduced, especially when minimising a graphic, therefore please ensure that the width is sufficient.

    Flat hot foil stamping

    • Create line width with at least 3 pt (1.06 mm)


    Self-inking rubber stamp

    • Create line width with at least 1 pt (0.4 mm)

    Partial UV varnish:


    • Create line width with at least 2 pt (0.7 mm)

    Gold and silver:

    • Create line width with at least 1 pt (0.4 mm)

    Relief varnish:

    • Create positive lines and fonts (line is vanished) with at least 3 pt (1 mm)
    • Create negative lines and fonts (varnish is applied around line area) with at least 6 pt (2 mm)


    Opaque white (private label drink)

    • Create positive lines or a font size (white line) of at least 1 pt (0.4 mm)
    • Create negative lines or a font size (line outline/white font) with at least 2 pt (0.7 mm)

    Event wristbands

    • Create line width with at least 0.5 pt (0.18 mm)


    • Create line width with at least 0.25 pt (0.1 mm)


    • Create positive lines (dark line on bright background) with at last 0.5 pt (0.2 mm).
    • Create negative lines (bright line on dark background) with at least 1 pt (0.4 mm).


    • Line width of designing lines: at least 0.25 pt (0.1 mm).



  • Maximum colour saturation

    The total colour saturation is the total of all 4 colour channels in CMYK (4 channels x 100 % = 400 %). The colour saturation of the artwork should not exceed 300 % though. For express/overnight orders 260 %. These values prevent setting off/sticking together of the printing sheets.
    Our tip: the total colour saturation can be found in Photoshop under "Info". For images the colour saturation can be adjusted/reduced with the help of the selective colour correction. By converting your artwork into the colour profile "ISO Coated v2 300 % (ECI)" (available on www.eci.org) ) the colour saturation of an image is automatically limited to 300 %. Please always make sure that the conversion always refers to the entire image and all colour values are changed.
    The colour saturation is also shown in the Acrobat Professional in the output preview.

  • Minimum colour saturation

    A colour saturation of less than 10 % can lead to a very weak printing result of the colour. For example, 10% yellow may appear lighter than 10% cyan.

  • Overprinting

    When using the overprinting option the colour values of the object that is to be printed over the initial object are added to the colour value of the initial object. This function is mostly used for black text to avoid thin white lines on a coloured background. If the overprinting function is activated the background will not be left blank, but will also be exposed. The text is therefore printed on the background and thin white lines will not appear even with a slight plate displacement. Overprinting is not necessary for white objects since they will 'disappear' during the exposure. Black areas which partially or completely cover objects can be a problem since the black value can vary depending on the background. Overprinting can be used as "effect" (e. g. shadow effect) by using the overprinting function for a light grey area.

  • PDF X-3:2002

    PDF files must correspond to the PDF/X-3:2002 Standard. For further information please see Artwork creation

  • Print colours

    - Process colours (CMYK)
    A process colour is created by printing certain colours in different screen angles. These are the colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black in the classical four-colour print. Most of our products are printed with this method.
    Our tip: please create your artwork in CMYK. Full-tone colours (also with alternative CMYK colour space), NChannels and DeviceN-colour spaces can lead to misinterpretations when exposuring the printing sheet. When using LAB or RGB colour spaces colour deviations may occur.

    - Full-tone colours (e. g. HKS)
    A full-tone colour (also called spot or special colour) is a ready mixed colour. The advantage of a full-tone colour is that colours that cannot be realised with the four-colour method can also be printed. Known manufacturers of full-tone colours are e. g. HKS. Some of our products are printed with an HKS-colour (e. g. letterheaded paper 2/0 or 2/1).

    - Self-inking rubber stamp
    Colour: 100% K (black / white), no grey scales / screens

  • Print marks

    Please create your artwork in the required artwork format and do not add any print marks as for example crop marks, trim marks, registration marks, colour control bars or any other information. 
  • Problematic applications

    PDF files can be created with many different software programmes but not all of them are suitable for the creation of a PDF file for professional printing (offset and digital print). Since FLYERALARM cannot give detailed instructions for all programmes regarding the creation of printable PDF files we recommend to contact the software producer to check whether and how the creation of a PDF file according to the PDF/X-3:2002 standard is possible.
    Should further information be required, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

  • Safety space

    In order to guarantee a clean printing result and to ensure that important elements are not altered or cut off during processing, a safety space at the side of the margin should be kept. This space varies according to the product. Detailed information can be found in the data sheet of each product.

Customer account + functions

  • Address book

    You can manage your personal address book in your customer account. The addresses you enter here can later be used as delivery, billing  and sender’s addresses. You can also import address lists already created. For more information, click here: Import address (download PDF).  Furthermore, you can also export all addresses comfortably.

  • Artwork alterations

    You can upload new or altered artwork in the action menu. Select “upload files” to upload new or altered files. This way the exchange will happen automatically and overwrite all previously uploaded files in this order. This can be done as long as the order status has not changed to “files go into print”. In this status, an exchange of your artwork is no longer possible as the printing process has started already. A delay in delivery may occur when exchanging the files.

    Please note: in case your artwork is still being checked, a new upload will be possible as soon as the order status switches to "data check o.k." or "erroneous files".

  • Artwork upload

    In the action menu please click on „File-Upload“. You will be directed to the upload side where you can upload data of up to 500 MB.

  • Cancel order

    To cancel an order, click on „cancel order“ in your action menu. As a precautionary measure, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to cancel the order. If you click on “Yes”, the order status for your order changes to „Order cancelled”. Your order stops immediately.

    Once your order has reached the status „Files go into print“ or „Files in print“, a cancellation of your order is no longer available. Now the order is being processed and cannot be stopped anymore.

  • Changing the address (delivery / billing / sender’s address)

    During every order, you can either manually edit or comfortably select from your address book your delivery, billing and sender’s addresses via the action menu.

    Delivery and sender’s addresses can be edited until the order status “print in further finishing”. Once your order has reached the status „ready for dispatch“, no more changes are possible. At this stage, changes to the address can be arranged by UPS only.

    The billing address can be edited until the order status „files go into print“. Once the order status has switched to „files in print“, the invoice is generated automatically and will be sent to you by email.


  • Complaint

    To get to the claim form just click on "Submit complaint" in the action menu. Please mention the reason for your claim as well as the favoured compensation.

  • Favourites

    Save products that are ordered regularly. When selecting the product favourite, all corresponding information will be displayed and the order can be processed as usual. All details, such as prices etc., will automatically be updated.

  • Give printing approval

    When you choose the professional data check, a printing approval will be required. When selecting the basic data check and opting for data checkPlus, a printing approval is also required.

    In an email containing the data check results for the selected data check you receive a link through which the printing approval can be given. You can also give this approval in your customer account by clicking „give printing approval“ in the action menu.

  • Orders

    All your orders are listed in this section. By clicking the order position the current order status will be displayed. The button “Action” brings you to the action menu where you can manage your orders according to each order status. Via the search function you can search for either order name or order number. In the calendar program you can select a period or search for a status.

  • Personal data / change password

    You can change your contact details and your passwort.

    Changing of email address or passwort

    Please note that in case of a changing of your email address or password the new email address or passwort is needed to log in in your customer account, from the date of changing.

    Recommendation for a secure password

    Choose a password nobody else knows.Make sure your password consists of at least 6 characters and a combination of letters and digits if possible.

Placing – position of the artwork

  • Imposition

    Imposition relates to a product which has several pages, e.g. a magazine, and means the arrangement of pages placed on a printing sheet according to a certain order so that the end product has the correct sequence of numbered pages.

  • Placing and position of the artwork

    In the pre-press process the files are placed in the centre of the frame which corresponds to the size of the artwork format.  We will only rotate your files if necessary or if the front and back page are not congruent with each other. The way your files will be rotaded, can be monitored in the Data preview.


  • Adhesive paper silver

    We print your favourite colours on silver film. The brighter the colours are, the more intensive is the metallic effect. All colourless (white) areas appear completely in silver after print.
  • Affiche paper

    Affiche paper is suitable for outdoor use and is delivered with a covering layer at the backside to avoid that the underground is shining through. The colour and structure of the covering layer might change due to productional reasons. There will probably be different t blue tones, which avoid a shining through. The changing doesn’t influence the functionality (avoids shining through) of the paper, and is therefore no reason for complaint.
  • Board with double-sided metallic effect

    A fine, coated paper with metallic effects on both sides. Depending on the light, the surface has a pink and light green shimmery effect. In printed form, all colourless areas appear iridescent.

    On large coloured areas there might be an uneven colour application due to the product's finished surface.
    In order to achieve an ideal colour saturation for black areas we recommend mixing black with cyan, magenta and yellow (max. colour saturation 260%).
  • Buttons

    During the production process tolerances of up to 1.5mm may occur, due to which centered circles may appear shifted/eccentric.
  • Certified printing material (B1, of low flammability)

    The printing material meets the requirements of materials of low flammability (building material fire classification B1) according to DIN 4102-1. The test was made with a free-hanging installation or with a distance of >40 mm to the same or other planar building materials.

    Special note: in combination with other materials (e.g. printing, coating, underground) the fire behavior of the printing material can change.
  • Chromo board

    Multi-layered board with a white, wood-free surface which is coated several times, a light middle layer and a light final layer. Due to its high volume and its rigidity it suits envelopes, folded boxes and packing material perfectly.
  • CHROMOLUX pearl

    A type of paper with a pearl-white front and a matt coated back. All white areas on the front of your artwork will appear pearl-white.

    In order to achieve an ideal colour saturation for black areas we recommend mixing black together with cyan, magenta and yellow (max. colour saturation 260%).
  • Cube seats and cylinder seats

    We are using for our cube seats/cylinders a premium quality and a flame resistant PUR- foam buttom. These guarantees comfortable sitting and the open pored cell structure ensures a high air permeability. The foam is keeping its shape also after loading.
    Our foam has a high volumetric weight (40) and a high compression load (65). The volumetric weight is revealing the weight at one cubic meter, the compression load the solidity and how fast it will has its original shape after sitting. The heavier and more solid the foam is, the more durable and resistible it is.
  • Deck chairs

    Please check before use whether the metal pins are positioned correctly in front of one of the three cross bars.
    Please always store the deck chair in a dry place. Wood discoloration may occur due to the nature of the raw material. Therefore, claims for reasons of discoloration will not be accepted. This also applies in case of inappropriate use/treatment/storage. Wipe the wooden construction with a damp cloth. Avoid exposing the deck chair to bad weather.
  • Endpapers

    The endpapers connect the book block (inner part of a book) with the cover. The endpapers are white and not printable.
  • Flat hot foil stamping

    Flat hot foil stamping is a highly decorative finish in the printing process. Glossy film is stamped with pressure and heat onto the printing medium. Motifs and text with a minimum line width of 3 pt (≙ 1.06mm) will have an exclusive appearing and make a glamorous impression. The paper line is deformed due to the stamping. The foil motif may leave a light imprint on the backside.
  • Gold paper

    A coated paper with a metallic effect on both sides. White will appear gold and bright colours will also have a gold effect.
    Because of the refined paper surface, an irregular paint application can occur where large colour fields are present.
    We recommend underlying black with cyan, magenta and yellow to obtain a full colour saturation. (max. colour saturation 260%).
  • Hardcover - Softcover

    Book with hardcover. The cover consists of a grey board with a thickness of 2.0 to 2.2 mm and is covered with a matt coated paper. For better protection it is laminated with either a matt or glossy film finish, and therefore appears very exclusive.

    A softcover is a brochure/book with a flexible cover. The cover is printed on stable chromo board, the inside of which can also be printed on.
    The quantities from 1 to 100 copies are printed digitally.

  • Kraft paper

    The uncoated kraft paper has a porous structure, thus the level of colour absorption is higher than on coated craft paper. As a consequence to this, the final print may appear duller than it would on coated paper.
  • Laminating

    Film lamination not only protects your printed products from dirt and wear, but also feels great. Products with film lamination are therefore suitable for the gastronomy industry and for any advertising media that’s going to pass through a lot of hands.

    The additional film sheet can lead to deviations in the colour appearance. Compared to glossy film lamination, which intensifies the colours and gives them a brilliant shine, the matt version leads to an optical reduction of the colour.

  • Latex colours

    The latex print technology is a new environmentally friendly print method for large print products.

    The latex colours were developed with ecological consideration and are perfectly suitable for outdoor and indoor use.  Due to the use of water-based colours, the products are odourless and offer an exceptionally natural image quality.

    The method is also suitable for various print fabrics and is above all, depending on the material, weather and light resistant
  • Linen paper

    Due to its raised structure the printed result becomes more lively. Compared to coated paper the colour becomes less intense and the all over result is softer. This is due to the structure of the surface.
  • Magnetic film

    The white 255gsm PVC film is laminated on a 900µm magnetic support. An additional glossy laminating protects against climatic influences and ensures a UV resistant print.
  • Multilayer paper, 750gsm

    Outside: 237.5g/m² paper, uncoated white, paper volume of 1.48: Inside: black core made of 275gsm paper, paper volume of 1.3
  • Natural off-white paper

    Our natural off-white paper is made of chlorine-free bleached pulp.
    It absorbs much more colour due to its open surface. Pictures appear soft and warm on natural off-white paper. Please therefore consider a slight off-white colour adjustment. Please create your motifs brighter than usual to keep contrasts and the image sharpness better.
  • Offset paper - Offset board

    The woodfree offset paper has a matt, uncoated surface which is sealed using surface sizing. Surface sizing improves the strength, printability and water resistance of the paper surface. The colourfulness of the print does not appear as intensive on offset paper as on coated paper. Due to the uncoated surface the colour may appear flickery on large, plain colour areas. Please create your motifs brighter than usual to keep contrasts and the image sharpness better.   

  • Outdoor stickers

    Weather proof stickers which are suitable for outdoors. The durability of the print as well as of the material depends on the weather conditions.
  • Permanent adhesive

    The substance used for stickers has an excellent adhesive strength on surfaces which are smooth, non-oily and clean. For environmental reasons the substance used is free of solvents.  
  • Plastic cards

    Due to high temperatures during the laminating process and the colour of the film, colour variatons may occur. Such colour variations may not form grounds for a complaint. In general the colours will become more intense. The signature strip can be written on. The cards have a LoCo magnetic strip.
  • Private label drinks

    Please always use our artwork template as it contains among other things all ingredients. There are 24 cans to a tray. The adhesive film is sealed with UV varnish. The cans are non returnable and contain 250 ml (Energy drink) or 200 ml (Secco Bianco) each. The film is glued on the can right up to the edges.
    • When ordering the transparent film the silver coloured underground shines through. This may result in slight colour variations on your artwork in this area.
    • Please note: all white elements will not be printed and appear transparent.
    • Elements which are created in opaque white prevent a shining through of the underground
  • PUR-perfect binding

    The perfect binding is used for the production of catalogues, brochures or books. The book block is glued to the spine and then connected to the cover with more glue. The result is a compact, stable and high-quality brochure. 

    One type of perfect binding is the HotMelt perfect binding. This procedure is used with hot glue or hot melt glue.
  • PUR-perfect binding

    The perfect binding is used for the production of catalogues, brochures or books. The back of the book block is covered with warm glue and is finally stuck together with the cover. This ensures a compact and solid book.

    One type of perfect binding is the PUR-perfect binding with polyurethane adhesive. This process is considered as a high quality method and is suitable for products that need to be robust. The adhesive needs 48 hours to dry. The brochure is then ready to be used.

  • Recycled paper

    Our recycled paper is made of 100% recovered paper. Due to the open-pred and uncoated surface, it absorbs plenty of colour. An uneven colour application can occur for dark, fully created motifs. Therefore we recommend you to create your layout in brighter colours, which will enable a better preserving of contrasts and picture definitions.  Our recycled paper has got a high whitening degree and the typical look of an environmentally friendly paper.


  • Regulations for sending of mails

    Sending of envelopes by mail
    Mailings of printed envelopes are subject to the regulations of the Royal Mail for creation of automatically processable correspondence.

    Sending of postcards by mail
    Please take note of the information of the Royal Mail before sending, particularly in the case of special formats.

    Further information can be found under www.royalmail.com.
  • Relief varnish

    Achieve spectacular effects on flyers, postcards and business cards with relief varnish, also called water drop varnish. Create 3D effects on objects and fonts in your design with this raised and palpable varnish application and make your objects feel real. A very strong structural effect can be achieved especially with larger objects – fine lines and thin details cannot be applied in as many layers; they will however still stand out from areas without the varnish application. The pressure is increased at the varnished areas when cutting, therefore the paper line is deformed. The varnished motif may leave a light imprint at the backside.
  • Shopping bags (incl. print)

    Our shopping bags will be processed in high-quality manual work, slight deviations or irregularities as well as visible processing marks can’t entirely be excluded.

    The outside of the bags are covered with a high-gloss laminating after print. This finishing step may change the printing colours (CMYK) underneath slightly.

    An absolute colour matching between the print colours (CMYK) and the mat colour surface of the cord can’t be achieved. The colour values of the cord (see product configuration), which are indicated in PANTONE, are exclusively approximate values.
  • Silverstar®

    A type of paper with a metallic, silver, high-gloss front, and a white, matt coated back. Different metallic effects can be achieved by using certain colours together, for example the metallic effect will be enhanced, if brighter colours are used. All colourless areas will appear silver. 

    In order to achieve an ideal colour saturation for black areas we recommend mixing black with cyan, magenta and yellow (max. colour saturation 260%).

  • Single and double-sided UV varnish

    Slight paper cracks in the groove/fold can arise for products covered with UV varnish. This is caused by the stiffness of the UV varnish.
  • Translucent polypropylene

    A semi-transparent, translucent plastic with a rough surface on one side.
    Polypropylene is printed with glazed colours (European scale, not spot colours) and all white areas become transparent when printed.
  • Transparent stickers

    With our transparent stickers the base upon which the stickers are placed, will shine through. This together with the fact that the stickers are printed with glazed colours (European scale, not spot colours), might mean that the colour of your printed motif will change.
    Please note: all white areas in your artwork will not be printed and will therefore appear transparent.
  • Wood pulp board

    0.9 mm double-sided white coated board. The paper of this natural product appears slightly yellow. Please create your motifs brighter than usual to keep contrasts and the image sharpness better.
  • Wooden rubber stamp

    Our wooden rubber stamps come with an easy-to-hold ergonomic handle and a text plate holder. Both parts are made from beech wood and are connected for long durability with a screw. The clear varnish provides additional surface protection. Wood colour between handle and text plate holder may vary due to its natural irregularities. A traditional silver peg is incorporated in the handle to ensure the correct stamping direction.


  • Forbidden Prints

    Reproductions of bank notes and coins
    It is not permitted to reproduce bank notes and coins for advertising or other means if these could be mistaken for real bank notes. Extensive information on creating and reproducing bank notes and coins can be found on the website of the European Central Bank under Reproduction Regulations.

    Printing of securities
    Securities may be printed only by specialised securities printing companies. Manufacturing and introducing securities can, for this reason, contravene criminal law.
  • Paper sample book

    Samples of the paper qualities FLYERALARM prints with can be ordered free of charge in a paper sample book:  FLYERALARM paper sample book.
    Take a look at our other product samples, free delivery inspirations are available for you.
  • Paper weight

    With our paper weight calculator the paper weight can be determined. The result is an approximate value which refers to the weight of blank paper. Depending on the colour saturation, the weight will vary and differences to the paper weight calculator will occur. Therefore it is not to be used for the indication of quantity of single products.  Click here to be forwared to our Paper weight calculator.

  • PSO (Process-Standard-Offset)

    The Process-Standard-Offset Print (PSO) is the industrial and standardised production of printing products. Since 2007 the PSO has been determined in the norm ISO-Norm ISO-12647-2. With the PSO the offset print production is qualitatively ensured from the data generation to the printing result.  
  • Reprintability of printing products

    FLYERALARM cannot guarantee the reprintability of products (exceptions: letterheaded paper and envelopes on offset white paper). In general, the reprintability depends on the paper, colour and finishings.

Environmental protection

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

    The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an inspection and certification system for textile products which checks on harmful substances from "International community for research and inspectionin textile ecology" (Oeko-Tex). The inspection includes a check of harmful chemicals.
  • Packaging

    All packing materials are licensed packagings. FLYERALARM exclusively uses recyclable packing material which can either be re-used or disposed properly. Symbols like the green dot are not mandatory to display on packing materials.


  • Changing the delivery and sender's address

    Changes in the delivery and sender's address can be made through the customer account as long as the order status has not switched to "ready for despatch" yet.

  • Deliveries to parcel stations

    Deliveries to parcel stations are not possible. 
  • Delivery areas

    Deliveries of flyeralarm ltd. can only be arranged within the United Kingdom.

    Please note: for customs purposes we do not ship to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • Delivery/Shipment

    The applicable deadline for the determination of the shipment date refers to working days from Monday to Friday.

    For products requiring customer data, the following applies:
    The delivery period begins one day after receipt of the printable data or approval of printing within the data acceptance deadline and following complete payment for the goods (including VAT). If the payment method of prepayment has been chosen, the date that the payment is received into the account of flyeralarm ltd. counts as the date of payment.

    For products that do not require customer data, the following applies:
    The delivery deadline begins one day after conclusion of the contract and following complete payment for the goods (including VAT). If the payment method of prepayment has been chosen, the date that the payment is received into the account of flyeralarm ltd counts as the date of payment.

    Example for the calculation of delivery times
    Delivery area
    Flyeralarm ltd delivers only within the UK. This does not include packstations or P.O. boxes. Delivery and billing addresses must be within the UK.
    Shipping costs
    All product prices include packaging and postage.
    Restrictions of the parcel service
    • UPS doesn't deliver to exhibtions/fairs.
    • It is not possible to deliver your products to packing stations

    Products with artwork files:
    How you receive your print products within the indicated delivery time*

    Observe the data acceptance deadline of a printing job!
    A prerequisite for the delivery times we specify (working days, Monday to Friday) is that the data acceptance deadline for the print job is adhered to.
    You will receive orders that arrive within the data acceptance deadline within the specified delivery time, so long as the criteria specified below are also followed. Orders that arrive after the data acceptance deadline will be delivered with a delay of one working day.

    The relevant times for the data acceptance deadlines for your product are displayed in the configuration step “Basic Price”.
    Beispiel Daten-Annahmefrist
    Example: The data acceptance deadline is 09.00 a.m
    You must ensure that the following criteria are fulfilled within the data acceptance deadline so that the delivery time that we have specified is guaranteed.
    1. Upload printing data
    To allow us to start to produce your printing job, we need your printable data. You can do this
    • by uploading the data directly when you place your order
    • or by uploading the data via your customer account

    We recommend selecting the data-upload option and doing so without delay; otherwise you run the risk of the delivery time being lengthened.
    2. Data check OK
    After the upload, our data check examines your printable data for particular criteria. If your data meets our standards, your order will achieve the status “Data Check OK”. You can see this in your customer account.
    If your data does not meet our standards, printing will not be possible. We will inform you of this by email. Your order will then receive the status “Erroneous Data”. You should then adapt your print data to our standards and once again upload them.

    As long as we have received no printable data from you, the delivery date will also be delayed.

    3. Printing approval
    After your printing order has received the status “Data Check OK”, in some cases you have to expressly grant approval for printing. If there is a delay in doing so, delivery will also be delayed:
    • Basic data check with optional data check plus
    • Professional data check
    Delayed printing approvals can lead to extended delivery times.

    The printing approval is placed automatically in single cases:
    • Basic data check
    • Professional data check with optional printing approval upfront
    As soon as printing approval has been granted, your order will have the status “Data is being printed”. Your order will now be produced. Once this status has been reached, no more changes can be made to the order.

    Information regarding Order Status
    4. Full payment for goods
    Depending on the payment method chosen, we can only start production once we can confirm receipt of payment, including VAT, in our bank account.
    • For credit card and online payments, this can take up to 15 minutes from when you make the payment.
    • With prepayments, it can take up to two bank working days from the input of the transfer by your bank until we receive your money in our account.

    You can track the status of your order in your customer account.
    Further reasons for a delayed delivery:
    • Upload of new artwork files one day after you placed the order.
    • High order amount of more than 20,000 copies can lead to the delivery of seperate deliveries.
    Example for the calculation of delivery time
    Delivery time* Day of order
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1) Sunday
    Delivery date2)
    Same Day3) Mo Tue We Th Fr Mo Mo
    1 working day (Next Day Delivery) Tue We Th Fr Mo Tue Tue
    Express delivery 2 working days Mo Th Fr Mo Tue We We
    3 working days Th Fr Mo Tue We Th Th
    4 working days Fr Mo Tue We Do Fr Fr
    5 working days Mo Tue We Th Fr Mo Mo
    6 working days Tue We Th Fr Mo Tue Tue
    7 working days Mo Th Fr Mo Tue We We
    8 working days Mo Fr Mo Tue We Th Th
    9 working days Fr Mo Tue We Th Fr Fr

    2) Delivery date is monday-friday.

    Calculation example:
    • Delivery time of product 3-4 working days* (Standard order)
    • Day of order monday
    • Deadline for uploading your files is 11 am

    The full data acceptance is made on (Artwork files uploaded, Data check ok, granted printing approval, payment is made):

    a) Day of order (Monday) up to data acceptance deadline: delivery is made on thursday or friday.*
    b) Day of order (Monday) after data acceptance deadline: delivery is made on friday or monday.*
    c) Day after you placed the order (Thuesday) up to data acceptance deadline: delivery is made on friday or monday.*
    d) Day after you placed the order (Thuesday) after data acceptance deadline: Delivery is made on monday or tuesday.*

    *Delivery times depend on many production related reasons, the delivery time can be extended in single cases.
    We can not assure the delivery reliability of UPS.
  • Different delivery addresses

    You have the option of having selected products sent to up to ten different delivery addresses. If you have selected multiple delivery addresses, please note the following:
    • Payment methods: cash on delivery, cash payment and payment by debit card cannot be selected. You have the option of choosing 'payment in advance' and call the hotline to pay over the phone.
    • Delivery types: pick-up in store not available
    • Delivery times: standard and express shipping
    • Products: only available on selected products
    • Address changes: changes can be made until your order has the status „print in further processing“.
  • Order tracking by UPS

    You can even track your package online (order tracking). Open the individual order in your customer account. The related parcel label number is displayed. To get to the UPS order tracking please click on the parcel label number.

  • Receipts from the parcel service UPS

    The sticker which is placed on the cash on delivery package is accepted as receipt (in red writing C.O.D.). This sticker has to be signed by the UPS driver.
  • Resending an order

    For the resending of an order following additional costs are charged:

    1) Standard cash on delivery:
    Packaging fee for shipping (per package) £12.00 net / £14.40 gross
    Cash on delivery fee (per order) £9.00 / £10.80 gross
    Order processing (per order) £5.00 net / £6.00 gross

    2) Express-Saver cash on delivery:
    Packaging fee for shipping (per package) £27.00 net / £32.40 gross
    Cash on delivery fee (per order) £9.00 net / £10.80 gross
    Order processing (per order) £5.00 net / £6.00 gross

  • Sending of ring binders with contents

    When sending ring binders containing material, for example paper or dividers, it is necessary to make sure that there is no space left between the material inserted and the front of the folder. We recommend using a filling material so that the gap is filled, and the paperwork will not be able to be displaced.

Further processing

  • Bundling

    Bundling refers to the joining together of a certain number of counted print products with a paper or plastic tape.

    Flyers can be ordered in bundles of 50 copies, folded leaflets in bundles of 25, 50 and 100 copies. Bundling however depends on format, volume and grammage for both products.

    Bundling details are displayed in the options following the configuration of your desired product.

  • Grooving / Creasing

    Grooving means that line-shaped dents are pressed into the paper, carton or cardboard. The grooving avoids the cracking of the material when folding it. Please note: the grain direction of the paper of a folded product cannot be taken into consideration.

  • Numbering

    The entry ticket numbering with consecutive numbers can start anywhere between 000.001 – 300.000. Font type is “OCR 11x7”, font size is 15pt (4mm height).

    Font type for NCR sets is “Block”, font size is 12pt (4.5mm height). The entry ticket numbering with consecutive numbers can start anywhere between 000.001 – 999.999.
    Please note that for production reasons a number of 6 digits (e.g. 000001) is printed.
  • Wire-o-binding

    A wire-o-binding is a wire comb binding which provides a great stability. An advantage is that the bound pages can be flat opened and the product stays open.

Design Creator

  • Design letterheads online

    Letterheads with pre-positioned address field
    The text fields for the address field for letterheads are not positioned according to the DIN Norm 5008 in some designs for letterheads. Please check the address field in the preview PDF.
  • General information

    You will need the Adobe Flash Player to use our Online Designer. You can download it here, if you don’t have it installed.
  • Online Designer

    Change of layout
    You are free to customise elements such as texts, fonts, pictures, logos and background colours in your design template.

    Change of text
    You can also change text fields according to your requests, by changing the font size and type or by changing the size of the text field. Spelling mistakes are underlined in red. The auto correction spelling check can also sometime underline correct words, therefore, it is necessary to manually check all spelling, grammar, syntax errors, or any other issues relating to typographical elements. The red spell check lines will not be visible on the finished product.

    Change of colours
    You can change fixed colours in your design and select new colour schemes for each layout. Just click on “Change colour“ in the action bar. This is not possible for all colours due to technical reasons.

    You can load and edit saved designs at any time. If you have finished your design by clicking “Ready“, you can approve the layout in the preview with the option “Approve page“. You will not be able to make any further corrections once your order has been approved.

    PDF preview
    You can download a PDF with low resolution and FLYERALRM watermark in the preview window for proofing purposes.
  • Save Design

    You can save each design you are working on, whether logo or product, in Online Designs – My Designs. Click on Save and your product will be saved automatically. You can edit all drafts at any time. We save ordered designs indefinitely and saved drafts for 12 months. After this time, unordered designs will be deleted automatically without notice.
  • Select business sector and design

    You can find your matching business sector under “select a business sector“. If you can not find the matching sector, please choose a business sector which is the closest fit, and select the corresponding templates from here.
  • Use of own pictures

    Please upload the image according to the size of the image in the design. Pictures can be uploaded with up to 15MB and a resolution of 300 to 356 dpi.
    If you want to use your own content, and it is too low resolution, a warning message will appear recommending the use of higher resolution content. If you still use this content, regardless of the advice, it can lead to a loss of quality of the finished print product. You will be responsible for an insufficient resolution and claims based on low resolution user-provided content will be void.

    If self-uploaded content is to be featured, you must ensure you have all the correct permissions to reprint, adjust, use for commercial purposes (where appropriate), etc. You must also ensure that all copyright laws are obeyed. Flyeralarm accepts no responsibility, in regards to damages occurred to you, wherein copyright and other permission relative issues are concerned, in relation to images, photographs or other visual elements provided by you.


  • Printed

    Your design/motif is printed on the supporting film, and in the event a digital transfer print is needed, it is cut out mechanically and pressed on your favourite textile product. Colour gradients and photo prints are possible. The print can be ironed on the left side; the product is washable according to the care instructions.

    We use the digital direct printing method to display colour gradients and shadows. If you decide yourself for a dark textile product, we have to apply a treatment fluid before the print. Traces from this pre-treatment can be visible, but will disappear after the first wash.

    PDF files must correspond to the PDF/X-3:2002 Standard. For further information please see Artwork creation

  • Stitched

    Your design/motif is stitched with polyester yarn on your favourite textile product. We can use up to 12 colours for each motif, out of a huge range of different yarns. The stitching is produced consistently and the product is washable according to the care instructions.