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Outdoor stickers

Outdoor stickers

For outdoor use, all weather use: use these stickers for outdoor advertising.
  • PVC film with UV varnish
  • White, silver or transparent material
  • Wide range of sizes from A4 to small or custom sizes
  • Suitable for outdoor advertising, as a promotional gift or freebie
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Product details: Front finished with gloss UV varnish

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Outdoor stickers - place the order

1. Design

Standard format
Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

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An easy way to create your print files

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Design outdoor stickers for your next big advertising campaign

Have you ever noticed those stickers that just seem to stay stuck, no matter what? Take a look around outside, you’ll see them – stuck on lamp posts and walls, whatever the weather. They’re outdoor stickers. A good outdoor sticker is weatherproof, waterproof, doesn’t fade (even after hours in the sun), and sticks to practically any surface.

Only high-quality, custom stickers

Print outdoor stickers on sturdy adhesive vinyl in a range of colours: white, silver or clear transparent. You also have lots of freedom of choice when it comes to the shapes of your stickers. Design standard shapes, big and small – from a classic A8 sticker to DL stickers, which fit exactly into standard envelopes. Special shapes include a crest shape, perfect for sports clubs – or why not go for a heart-shaped sticker? Spread the love!


The best part - outdoor stickers UK delivery is free!

Exciting ways to use your new outdoor stickers

Outdoor stickers are a big plus for any advertising campaign. They are waterproof, which isn’t just useful for open-air marketing. Stick them to kitchenware or bottles and they won’t peel off or fade in the wash!


The weatherproof material means the stickers stay put on practically any surface - your fans can stick your message anywhere! Why not run a social media competition inviting your followers to stick your stickers in unusual places?

Outdoor stickers printing: an innovation

Stickers haven’t always been so robust. They started out as stamps, and quickly evolved to be more decorative – sparkly stickers, smelly stickers… and now outdoor stickers. A special UV-resistant, waterproof adhesive vinyl means they won’t peel, curl or fade in the great outdoors.


If you are looking for stickers to withstand a bit more than an English winter, you might be interested in extreme temperature resistant stickers. Staying stuck fast at temperatures between -20 °C and +40 °C, they really are true

survivors! But we know sometimes it’s important to stay flexible, too. Advertising campaigns change – that’s where removable stickers come into play. They can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind.