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Plastic CD envelopes with elastic band

Plastic CD envelopes with elastic band

Plastic CD envelopes

These two-piece plastic CD cases have a both modern as well as chic look due to the transparent material . The elastic band keeps both sides together. We print the 460gsm polypropylene plastic in 4/0 full colour. The CD cases are cut out of plastic and delivered unfolded. You only need to thread the elastic band through the punched holes and fold the case. The plastic CD cases are available starting from 100 pieces. We recommend ordering the matching CD trays, these can easily be attached inside the plastic CD cases. You can choose between three different colours: our transparent CD trays particularly suitable to enhance that transparent look.
  • polypropylene plastic
  • permeable to light (translucent, half transparent)
  • single sided fine sand texture
  • high stiffness
  • robust
  • the underground shines through due to the use of offset printing colours
  • white created areas appear transparent

Product details: 460gsm polypropylene plastic, flexible filling level up to a maximum of 6 mm, punched, grooved, with rounded corners, delivered unfolded, incl. elastic band ( is attached with the order), 4/0 single sided print (full colour)

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1. Elastic Band Cover


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