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CD inserts

CD inserts

These CD inlays have a 6mm perforation line along the narrow edge. When inserted in a CD envelope, the narrow perforation line is folded so that information about the contents of the CD can be seen. This makes it easy to find the right CD on a shelf full of other CDs.

  • 135gsm silk paper
  • 2 perforation lines (on the narrow side, 6 mm from the edge)
  • To insert in CD cases
  • With area for information on back of CD case
  • Printable on the front and back (4/4 double sided print)
  • Minimum order 250 unit
CD inserts
Product details: Unfolded finished format 15cm x 11.8cm, 2 perforation lines (on the narrow side, 6 mm from the edge)

How to place an order (or get a quote)

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1. Material

135gsm silk paper

135gsm silk paper

  • White
  • 123 whiteness
  • 0.9 paper volume
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