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Meeting bag

Meeting bag

With the practical meeting bag, you always have everything to hand that you need for seminars, meetings and workshops – and can transport it safely and comfortably. As well as numerous pens and paper, you will also find in it, for example, sticky dots, a glue stick and scissors. All the components are stored in little boxes, which you can take out individually. This means that everything stays in its place and at the same time facilitates use.
  • 24 coloured and black Eddings in many sizes
  • rectangular, oval and round paper in many colours
  • scissors, glue stick, sticky dots, masking tape, drawing pins, cutter


Product details:
Size (HxWxD): 36x29x10 cm
Inside boxes: 2 small boxes (12x8.5x8.5 cm), 2 big boxes (21x8.5x8.5 cm)
Pens: 10 coloured Edding 3000 (black, blue, red, green, yellow, brown, orange, pink, light-blue, purple), 10 black Edding 3000, 4 Edding 500 (red, blue, green, black)
Paper: 2x250 sheet, 6 colours, 20,5x9.5 cm, rectangular; 250 sheets, 6 colours, 9.5 cm, round; 250 sheets, 6 colours, 11x19 cm, oval
Utensils: cutter, masking tape, glue stick, 400 sticky dots (red, yellow, green, blue), 100 drawing pins, scissors

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