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Self-mailers without address

Self-mailers without address

Looking for folded leaflets sealed with sticky labels? Look no further! Our practical self-mailers without address are available in A6, A5 and DL with 4 pages and a single fold, or with 6 or 8 pages and a roll fold. And they all come in two paper weights, both silk and gloss.

  • Folded leaflets in different formats and folding variants
  • Available in a variety of materials
  • Practical: folded leaflets sealed with sticky labels
  • Shipping without envelope is possible
  • Please check postal pricing before sending

Self-mailers without address

Weight per unit:
Material A6 4 pages A6 6 pages A6 8 pages A5 4 pages A5 6 pages A5 8 pages DL 4 pages DL 6 pages DL 8 pages
170gsm gloss/silk coated paper 6gsm 8gsm 11gsm 11gsm 16gsm 22gsm 8gsm 11gsm 15gsm
250gsm gloss/silk coated paper 8gsm 12gsm 16gsm 16gsm 24gsm 32gsm 11gsm 16gsm 22gsm

Product details: 4/4 colours (double sided CMYK print), grooved and folded, closed with transparent stickers

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Self-mailers without address - place the order

1. Folded Finished Format

A6 landscape (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm)
A5 landscape (21 x 14.8cm)
DIN long landscape (21 x 9.8cm)