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Double-walled coffee glasses

Double-walled coffee glasses

A tasty coffee is best enjoyed in style – especially when drunk from a high quality, personalised glass. We have different sizes available - the right glass for every coffee. They are great for serving other drinks in, too - the double walls make sure your drink is kept hot or cold for longer.

  • Espresso (80ml, height: 65mm, diameter: 6/42mm, print area: 16.8 x 32mm)
  • Cappuccino (250ml, height: 98mm, diameter: 8.3/57mm, print area: 23.7 x 50mm)
  • Latte macchiato (350ml, height: 145mm, diameter: 7.9/51mm, print area: 22.5 x 80mm)
  • Mug (300ml, height: 91mm, diameter: 8.6/117mm, print area: 20.5 x 55mm)
  • Double-walled and heat-resistant
  • Thermo-insulating effect for hot and cold drinks
  • Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves
  • Direct screen print in one colour (Pantone C)
  • Printable in 17 colours, incl. etched white
  • Minimum order just 150 units

Only one design is possible per item.

Double-walled coffee glasses Double-walled coffee glasses Double-walled coffee glasses Double-walled coffee glasses Double-walled coffee glasses
  • The products are dishwasher safe as we use only the highest quality glass-ceramic paints.
Product details: Borosilicate glass, Double-walled, Single-colour print (Pantone C)

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Double-walled coffee glasses - place the order

1. Model

Espresso 80 ml
Cappuccino 250 ml
Latte Macchiato 350 ml
Glass with handle 300ml

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