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Paradise Fruits fruit jellies

Paradise Fruits fruit jellies

Snacking with a clear conscience: Paradise Fruits fruit jellies are made from 100% fruit juice and purée, do not contain any artificial colour and flavouring, preservatives or added sugar. And they still taste delicious. Print the individual bags all around with your design surprise your customers with delicious freebies.

  • Fruit jellies made from fruit juice and purée, each approx. 10g
  • Without added sugar, artificial flavourings and preservatives
  • Flavour: apple strawberry or apple
  • White film packaging, print area 140 x 85mm
  • Shelf life: approx. 6 months when stored correctly
  • Minimum order just 1,000 units
Paradise Fruits fruit jellies Paradise Fruits fruit jellies Paradise Fruits fruit jellies Paradise Fruits fruit jellies Paradise Fruits fruit jellies

Only one design is possible per item.

Ingredients apple and strawberry: 97% fruit (48% apple juice concentrate, 41.5% apple purée concentrate, 4% strawberry purée, 3% cherry juice concentrate, 1.5% strawberry juice concentrate), gelling agent: pectin; natural flavouring, citrus fibre, purple carrot juice concentrate.
Ingredients apple: 96.5 % fruit (88.5 % apple juice concentrate, 4 % apple purée concentrate, 4% banana flakes), gelling agent: pectin, natural apple flavouring with other natural flavourings, lemon juice concentrate, citrus fibre.

  • Printed with shelf life
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • No artificial colours
  • May contain traces of MILK.

Compulsory information: Use the mandatory nutritional information in your layout. You will also find this in the data sheet. Please ensure you always use the most up to date data sheet This will save you making any mistakes. Apple and Strawberry, Apple.

Nutritional information: Apple and strawberry; apple

Product details: 4/0 single-sided print (full colour):, Contents per bag: 10g, Contains 100% fruit, Without added sugar

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