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Wine coolers

Wine coolers

Light, aromatic white wines are best served at around 8 to 12 °C. It’s hard to keep wine this temperature when the weather heats up! These custom-engraved wine coolers are to the rescue. Keep the cooler in the freezer and then put it in the bottle when ready to serve. Not only does it look classy and elegant, it also guarantees the wine can be served cold!

  • Stainless steel wine cooler with pourer
  • Length: 31.5cm, diameter: 2.4cm
  • With high-quality laser engraving
  • Engraving area: 6 x 0.6cm
  • Weight: 201g
  • Individually packaged in cardboard
  • Minimum order 10 units
Wine coolers Wine coolers Wine coolers Wine coolers

Please note: only one design is possible per order.

Product details: Stainless steel wine cooler with pourer, high-quality laser engraving

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