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Custom sized security labels

Custom sized security labels

Security labels allow you to mark your company’s property, seal objects or affix guarantee and warranty indications to products. When they are removed, the stickers leave behind a chessboard pattern that is almost impossible to erase. They help prevent manipulation and theft. The security labels are supplied singly – even low print runs from 10 units or above are possible.

  • Security labels leave behind a chequerboard pattern when removed.
  • Suitable for use as a seal
  • Sizes range from 1.6 x 1.6 cm to 29.6 x 29.6 cm
  • 4/0 single sided print
  • Round, oval or square
  • With angular or rounded corners
  • 72gsm metallic security film, matt silver
  • Individual label (single use)
  • Minimum order 10 units
Custom sized security labels Custom sized security labels
Product details: 72gsm metallic security film, silver-matt, 4/0 single sided print (CMYK)

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Custom sized security labels - place the order

1. Type of design

Square/Rectangle with rounded corners

Square/Rectangle with rounded corners

  • Corner radius 3mm
Square/Rectangle with pointed edges

Square/Rectangle with pointed edges

  • Corner radius 0.3mm