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Static adhesive stickers

Static adhesive stickers

Stafix® films are the perfect solution for changing interior decoration. They hold reliably without adhesive and can be removed quickly and easily. The reusable stickers adhere to almost any smooth, clean and dry surface thanks to static electricity. Try it for yourself and use Stafix® stickers again and again on your shop windows, walls, shelves and more. The Stafix® film is printed single sided but adheres both front and back.

  • Sticks due to static charge
  • Reusable many times
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Single sided print
  • Minimum order 100 units
Static adhesive stickers
Product details: Material: 50µm Stafix®, white static adhesive, polypropylene film, 4/0 single sided print (CMYK)

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