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Custom sized flyers

Custom sized flyers

Make more of an impression on your customers - our customers choose custom sized flyers over and over again because a flyer designed specifically for your event always makes more of a mark. We can deliver flyers of all shapes and sizes, paper weights and finishes - in just a few clicks.
  • Not folded
  • Custom sized flyers
  • Sizes from 5.5 x 8.5cm to 29.7 x 42cm
  • Numerous materials
  • Different finishes available
  • Double sided print
  • Minimum order just 10 units

Are you looking for folded leaflets? You can find them here: folded leadlets.

Discover our wide range of premium materials and finishes.

Zusatzfarbe Gold Zusatzfarbe Silber partieller UV-Lack glänzend beidseitiger UV-Lack glänzend einseitiger Relieflack glänzend

Product details: 4/4 double sided print (full colour, CMYK)

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Design and print your own completely custom flyers online

Custom sized flyers are the best option if you need leaflets made in a non-standard size. They can be made in sizes ranging from 5.5 x 8.5 to 29.7 x 42cm - to the exact centimetre. They come in a range of materials with a broad variety of finishes and full coverage print. Basically - you have complete freedom to design and print these leaflets exactly as you like. Don't change your campaign to meet paper sizes - change the sizes to suit your campaign!

Custom size flyer printing - for your next big campaign

Print custom flyers online if you need to completely personalise the size of your flyers. Maybe you need to make flyers that are smaller than all standard A sizes. These can make great, eye-catching pieces of advertising. The small size means they fit easily into a wallet and the short, snappy amount of information is guaranteed to stick in peoples' minds. The customisation doesn't end with the size, either. Choose the exact material to complement your campaign and content. Looking to achieve a high-quality, luxurious effect? Then why not print your custom flyers on thick and splendid 400gsm silk paper.

Flyer printing haven't always been so easy!

Flyer printing today is a given. Custom sized or not, they are everywhere - your favourite Indian restaurant, the theatre down the road... you name it, it has a flyer! But that wasn't always true. Before the invention of print, people shared messages verbally - hence the profession of town crier! However, messages that were not written down were frequently distorted and reported wrongly. Not the most reliable way of getting your message out there. In fact, written 'flyers' were reserved for the rich, who had the time to write down all that they wanted to say by hand . The invention of the printing press changed this completely. Print was suddenly no longer reserved for the rich, but accessible to everyone. This resulted in an explosion in flyers - to start with mostly propaganda. Flyers have played huge parts in campaigning during wars, for civil rights and other crucially important campaigns. It was only with the invention of the photocopier in 1970 that flyers came to exist in the form we know them - as affordable and effective adverts!