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Adhesive letters

Adhesive letters

Display your opening hours, an address or advertising message! These adhesive letters can easily be applied to display windows, car windows and other smooth surfaces. You choose the size and font, and we deliver you the detached letters on a transfer film. This film including the plot lettering can be applied to the desired surface. When you remove the transfer film, the adhesive letters remain in place. Detached in exactly the same way as you designed them in your vector file.

  • Calendered 65µm soft PVC film
  • Film available in a range of colours
  • You will also receive a felt squeegee
  • Film size: from 20 x 20 cm to 300 x 100 cm
  • Exact price calculation according to film size and number of letters
  • Shelf life: 5 - 7 years depending on adhesion
  • Adhesion temperature: at least 8°C
  • Minimum order 1 units
Adhesive letters Adhesive letters Adhesive letters Adhesive letters Adhesive letters


  • The surface you wish to stick the letters to must be free from dust and grease, dried for at least 24 hours, and completely cured following re-varnishing.
  • To determine compatibility, application tests must be carried out on the varnished surfaces.
  • We recommend using fonts without serifs.
  • Send in your texts in a vector file.
  • The colour mode of the vectors is irrelevant, as they are determined by the choice of film.

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Product details: Material: 65µm (without backing material), soft PVC vinyl, includes felt squeegee

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