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Labels on sheets

Labels on sheets

Design custom sticker sheets. These stickers are delivered on a practical A4 sheet, saving you storage space. The sheets fit perfectly into standard ring binders and folders. The stickers are ideal for marking products, envelopes, packages, office supplies and much more.

  • 5 different sticker sizes
  • Stickers are printable all-over
  • Round, rectangular or rectangular with rounded corners
  • 1 to 48 stickers per sheet depending on format
  • 50µm silver adhesive vinyl; 60µm white or transparent adhesive vinyl
  • 68gsm yellow, red or green neon sticker; 80gsm white adhesive paper; 85gsm silver adhesive paper
  • Minimum order 5 sheets
  • White cut edges may be visible with designs that bleed off due to the production process.
Labels on sheets
Product details: The amount entered is the number of sheets, labels on 72gsm glassine paper

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Labels on sheets - place the order

1. Type of design

A6 sheet
A5 sheet
A4 sheet
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