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Custom shaped stickers

Custom shaped stickers

Your logo – your custom shape. These stickers can take any shape or outline. Whether showing off your corporate logo, club crest or a complex text, you can define the shape of the sticker and materials as required.

  • Stickers with individual custom contours
  • Surface area of the sticker from 2 x 2cm to 15 x 15 cm
  • Create one closed contour only
  • Contours are punched and are easy to peel off
  • Many adhesive and textured paper types as well as adhesive vinyl
  • Printable in 1, 0 or 4 colours
  • Stickers cut individually
  • Minimum order 10 units
Custom shaped stickers
Product details: Sticker pre-cut and placed on 72gsm glassine paper,, regardless of design, the stickers are punched out and placed on a backing material

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Custom shaped stickers - place the order

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