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Desk pads

Desk pads

Make sure your customers keep your company right in front of them - on a desk pad. For an environmentally friendly option, choose recycled or natural off-white paper. The cream colour of the natural paper looks very stylish and it feels great to the touch.

  • A3 or A2
  • 25, 50 or 100 sheets
  • Protective strips may be added to order under “Options”
Desk pads Protective strips for desk pads Self-adhesive protective strips

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Protective strips for A2 desk pads

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Product details: With reinforced cardboard back (grey, approx. 1 mm thick, unprinted), Glued on top

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Desk pads - place the order

1. Size

A2 landscape (59.4 x 42cm)
A3 landscape (42 x 29.7cm)
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Desk pads: getting the most out of customer loyalty

Even in a paperless office, desk pads have become indispensable. Whether you wish to jot down a telephone number or an appointment, write down spontaneous ideas, use them as a base for writing or simply doodle on them while making a phone call: printing desk pads with your design ensures your visibility to customers on a daily basis. Print your logo, your advertising message and your contact details on the notepad and remain the focus of your customers, sheet after sheet. The desk pad protects your workspace and prevents it from descending into post-it note chaos, since all important information is compiled on a large sheet. Did you know that scribbling something down on a piece of paper actually increases concentration and improves your memory of what has been said? This was the conclusion reached by British psychologist Jackie Andrade from the university of Plymouth in 2009. During her trial it was found that scribblers retain 29 percent more information during a memory test than non-scribblers.

Which paper should the desk pad be made from? Choose the appropriate variant for your personal needs!

As part of our activity of {|~b~|}desk pad printing{|~/b~|}, we have been looking into improving the product. We have provided the pad with a reinforced, grey cardboard back for a pleasant writing experience. Perfect for getting the most out of customer loyalty: the blocks are available in DIN A3 and DIN A2. You can also choose between 25 and 50 sheets, which can be glued at the top or bottom as desired. This is offered among the options at the end of the order process. Design the desk pad’s spacious surface area entirely according to your wishes. Our online printing shop prints your desk pad as a 4/0 single sided print (full colour). You can choose between three different types of paper:Natural paper: desk pads made of natural paper guarantee greater naturalness on your writing desk. The cream-coloured tint of the natural paper exudes sophistication and you will be impressed by the pleasant feel of its surface.Recycled paper: recycling paper looks just as natural and is exactly the right choice for those who also want to protect the environment.White offset: with this you cannot go wrong. It is high-quality, classic and the colours in your logo will appear even brighter against the white paper following online printing.

The right combination: which products do the desk pads go best with?

Desk pad printing is one thing, but let us take you to the next level. Tired of dog-eared pages? Our protective strip for DIN A2 desk pads will help you avoid them and will also provide the ideal location for small memo pads and business cards. Simply order these at the same time. Would you like to distribute recycled plastic pens with the desk pads at the same time? If so, you can find a variety of {|~a href="/uk/content/index/open/id/4360/pens.html"~|}online printable pens{|~/a~|} in our pen collection. And what about {|~a href="/uk/content/index/open/id/2915/business-cards.html"~|}printing business cards{|~/a~|} with your logo and corporative image to go with all this?