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All-weather poster with dispersion varnish

All-weather poster with dispersion varnish

These posters are perfect for permanent outdoor advertising. The sturdy cardboard is coated with a layer of dispersion varnish, a protective finish which protects your poster against rain and even snow. The posters even retaion their colour under extended periods under the sun. They are truly all-weather resistant.
  • The low cost and environmentally friendly alternative
  • Put up posters without glue or any additional mounting material
  • Fast attachment with cable ties through punched holes
  • Increased stability thanks to strengthening tabs
  • Please ensure it is safely fixed (in particular during strong winds)
  • Can be disposed of as waste paper
  • We only recommend this poster be attached to fences or similar constructions
  • Always attach to posters back to back when attaching to lamp posts. For more stability, attach together by binding the pre-punched holes.

Allwetterplakat mit Schutzlack

Product details: 840gsm cardboard with dispersion varnish, 4/0 single sided print (full colour)

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1. Size

(59,4 cm x 84 cm)
(42 cm x 59,4 cm)