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Goal walls, print only

Goal walls, print only

Print a goal wall perfect for your events. Whether you’re designing for a trade fare or promoting a new competition, thanks to the replaceable goal wall prints your football goal is guaranteed to be perfect for your specific purpose.
  • Goal wall with two loop holes (diameter 40cm)
  • Print area 197 x 148cm
  • 300gsm mesh fabric or 500gsm PVC banner
  • Includes lawn pegs for holding in place
  • Includes clamping rubbers for mounting
  • Minimum order 1 unit
Product details: PVC banner and two loop holes (diameter 40cm), 4/0 single sided print

How to place an order (or get a quote)

Goal walls, print only - place the order

1. Material

300gsm mesh fabric

300gsm mesh fabric

  • PVC
  • Weather resistant and wind permeable
  • Certified print material (B1, low flammability)
500gsm PVC banner

500gsm PVC banner

  •  Wipe-clean
  •  Weather resistant
  •  Certified print material (B1, low flammability)